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Strawberry Liqueur

May 3, 2021

  Liquore alla Fragole (1 ½ litres) 500ml pure alcohol (95%) or plain vodka 700ml water 400g caster sugar 500g ripe strawberries Wash the strawberries well and cut them in small pieces. Place the strawberries in a jar Soak them for at least 7-10 days in the alcohol. When the alcohol has become red and all…

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Easy salsa verde recipe

March 8, 2021

For our regular Monday live cooking lesson from Bologna our Flavours cook Livia teaches how to make a really easy salsa verde sauce. It’s one of the classic Italian sauces and perfect for bollito misto, or to serve with vegetables or even over pasta. Salsa Verde translated means “green sauce” and we love the vibrant colour!…

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