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How to make carbonara sauce

One of the most famous Italian dishes, pasta with carbonara sauce is a classic and sure to please all the family. Ingredients for 2 people 200g Mezze maniche pasta 2 slices of guanciale (½ cm thick) – Alternatively use bacon or pancetta 3 eggs (2 just yolks a 1 whole egg) Black pepper 40g of…

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Simple pasta all’arrabbiata

One of the simplest and most well know Italian dishes, pasta all’arrabbiata is a classical Roman pasta dish. Literally translated “arrabbiata” means angry and is a reference to the spicy, hot chilli found in the dish, how “angry you want to be, is up to you! Ingredients for 2 200g plums tomatoes Chilli flakes or…

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Embrace the Danish way of living- Hygge

Hygge- Embrace the Danish way of living Do the short, cold days of January make you want to hibernate at home? If so, why not take inspiration from the Danish, who place the art of hygge at the centre of their lifestyle? Hygge is something you experience, a sense of being safe and comforted, of…

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Best Cookbooks for 2021

The best cookbooks for 2021 as recommended by you (our Flavours followers) We asked for your recommendations for the best cookbooks as there’s such a huge variety of cookbooks available. It can be incredibly difficult knowing where to start when buying one as a present or as a treat for yourself. Whether you’re searching for…

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Healthy Artichoke recipes

Here are our recipes from Facebook Live – Monday 11th January 2021 Patè di Carciofi (artichoke pate) for 300g patè 4 artichokes 2 garlic cloves 30g mascarpone or 30g butter Salt Pepper 200ml water To make the patè we will use all the parts of the artichokes which are a bit more tough ,such as…

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