Loyalty Awards for Amici

With over 45% of our guests returning every year it’s clear that once you experience the delights our holidays have to offer it’s not long before you’re back for more! To thank our Amici for being part of the Flavours family, we are pleased to introduce our enhanced three tiered loyalty rewards, which rewards you along each stage of the journey you are on.

Tier 1: Authentic Amici – After you return from your first Flavours Holiday

You’ve had your first Flavours experience and are now automatically welcomed into our Amici Club. We want to make your next experience even more enjoyable with our rewards, as well as access to tips and ideas from your fellow Amici.

  • Become an Amici Club member
  • 5% discount off your second holiday
  • Guaranteed low deposit on next booking
  • Access to our refer-a-friend programme
  • Amici Events
  • Access to our online community via our private Facebook group

Tier 2: Inspired Amici – After you return from your second Flavours Holiday

Many of our Amici have returned to join us year upon year, so once you return from your second Flavours holiday you will have access to further rewards. We would like to raise a glass to each and every one of your journeys and also to thank you for the continued inspiration you give back to us through your experiences.

  • In addition to the rewards of an Authentic Amici:
  • We increase your holiday discount to 10% on all future holidays

Tier 3: Passionate Amici – After you return from your third Flavours Holiday

Once you have returned from your fifth Flavours holiday, you will gain exclusive access to new and exciting experiences for you to enjoy for years to come.

  • In addition to the rewards of an Inspired Amici:
  • Exclusive Private Founder Events
  • Priority access to Holiday release dates
  • Dedicated Amici Specialists