I’ve been heartened over the last months at the support and kindness from Flavours guests past and present. It’s been lovely to reconnect with so many of you, sharing holiday memories and stories collected over the last 20 years of Flavours Holidays.

Myself and the team are still very much here (none of us are furloughed) as it’s more important than ever that we are here to provide peace of mind and reassurance to you. We are here whenever you need us.

By keeping the team together, we have all been working hard to readjust for both the current situation we’re all in, as well as to prepare for the “new normal” we will find in the future. The first step has been to keep connected with all of our wonderful guests through our new online classes – so that you can bring the Flavours experience into your home! Our lovely Flavours teachers and chefs have joined us in this, so we are able to offer all of our usual activities via Zoom.

With so many changes in the way we socialise and interact, it is expected that there will be changes to the way in which we travel this year. If anything, the lock-down has made us all appreciate our home and we have been inspired to include our home country, the beautiful Scotland, in our activity holiday offerings. With holiday options in Edinburgh and the sunny coast of Fife, our Staycations give you the opportunity to explore the best Scotland has to offer.

We are also keeping connected with our wider Flavours team who have, year on year, worked so hard to make your holidays so memorable. Cooks, hosts, teachers, villa owners, bus drivers, wine producers, restaurateurs there are so many people who rely on Flavours for their livelihood and whilst holidays are not possible at this moment, we continue to support them and ensure they know how valued they are and that we will all indeed meet again.

We are all looking forward to travelling again when the time is right.

Best Wishes,
Lorne Blyth