All-inclusive Holidays

Flavours all-inclusive holidays include everything you need. Once you’ve paid and booked flights, there’s nothing else to worry about or pay for. All you have to do is arrive at the airport in Italy or Spain and we’ll be there to meet you and transfer you to your villa accommodation with your fellow guests. After that your all-inclusive holiday week or short break includes daily tuition in your chosen activity, delicious meals and wine, and excursions to local places of interest.

As well as offering our guests the chance to paint, practise Pilates, do photography, take cooking lessons or learn Italian, we throw in everything else you do during the week, included in the price.

But while our activity holidays are all inclusive, they also offer plenty of variety and culture – and that all-important relaxation time, too, and are a cut above what you might imagine as a typical all-inclusive holiday.

So, what’s included in a Flavours all-inclusive holiday?

  • Private accommodation and bathroom in a hand-picked shared villa with your fellow activity holiday guests (usually between 8-10 people), plus the your teacher and host. Our villa accommodation is always peaceful and tasteful with a pool to relax by, somewhere to eat outside and inside, and usually gardens, too. Our company director Lorne Blythe chooses each location personally.
  • Tuition from our wonderful Flavours tutors is included, too.
  • Friendly bilingual host. Every trip has a knowledgeable and helpful host who is with you throughout your holiday, to organise things, assist with anything that comes up, and accompany you on excursions. They’re a much-loved part of the Flavours team, so much so, that repeat customers often ask for trips with their favourite host.
  • All your meals and wine. Flavours is called Flavours partly because one of our main loves is food. Part of the joy of Italy and Spain is the cuisine. We employ a local chef who cooks for your group in the villa, and we also organise a couple of meals out to our favourite traditional restaurants. We always have an aperitif, and for those who want to get into the Italian spirit, there’s plenty of Prosecco and wine. If you choose to grab a coffee or buy souvenirs while you’re out on an excursion, you’ll pay for it yourself, but everything we do at the villa or together as a group is included.
  • Excursions are included in the cost. We pride ourselves on our local knowledge about each of our locations. So, for example, if you come with us to Bologna, we’ll show you our favourite food shops and markets in the city, and we’ll also visit ravishing Ravenna, which has amazing 5th-century mosaics. Depending on which location you’re at, we visit Venice, stunning Sicilian towns, cliff-side villages in Amalfi, highlights of Tuscany such as Arezzo or Siena; we know the best secret spots to see – but you can also spend your time browsing the shops or gelateria if you please. We’re never rigid about what you should do.
  • Transfers from the airport are part of the all-inclusive holiday package. We can advise on the best airport and flights from whichever region you’re travelling from.

Book an all-inclusive holiday

Browse the website or get a brochure emailed to you to select your holiday – we go to stunning Italian locations: Venice, Tuscany, Puglia, Amalfi, Bologna, and Sicily, as well as Andalusia and Seville in Spain, and offer Pilates, photography, cooking, painting and learning a language as our activities. Choosing is the hardest part, but once you’ve booked and paid, simply sit back and anticipate your Flavours holiday, knowing there’s nothing else to pay for.

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If you have any questions, call our expert team on 0131 343 2500, or get in touch via the contact page. We’re always happy to answer queries about Flavours all-inclusive holidays.