Group Holidays

A Flavours holiday is all about doing something you enjoy in a beautiful location. Our small-group holidays in picturesque locations in Italy or Spain offer tuition in Pilates, photography, painting, cooking, or learning a language. Whether you come with a friend, on your own, or in a couple, you’ll be in a group of usually between 8 and 12 like-minded people. Many of our guests are solo travellers, but there’s always a mix of ages and people.

What to expect on a Flavours group holiday

We keep our group sizes small so that there’s plenty of room to think and relax. Our group holidays are very informal. Accommodation is in traditional attractive large villas, with outdoor pools, and space to wander and breathe. Some have spectacular views – our Amalfi accommodation has lemon-groves on clifftop terraces overlooking the sea; and our Bologna villa has 360˚ hilltop views over countryside. You always get your own room (though you can share with a friend or partner if you prefer), and private bathroom, and everything from food and wine, to excursions and transfers is included in the price.

Tuition in your chosen activity is with your small group, and meals are a convivial experience around the large villa table, either outside or in. Your meals are cooked for you (unless you’re on a cooking holiday, in which case you’ll eat what you cook, as well as being cooked for) at the villa, and are plentiful and delicious local cuisine. We always gather for aperitivi drinks, too, maybe while watching the sunset. During a week’s holiday, we venture out a couple of times to eat as a group, to one of our favourite traditional restaurants. Our local bilingual hosts know each area intimately and will show you all the best spots when we visit a new place.

Our group holidays are relaxed and fun, but we’re never about big rowdy groups, more about a restorative week away improving or starting an enjoyable activity under the guidance of our expert tutors.

Location, location, location

The areas we travel to are Venice, Bologna, Amalfi, Tuscany, Puglia, Sicily, and Andalusia and Seville in Spain. We’ve picked the most beautiful locations, and we’ll show you the best nearby sights. Our villas, too, are carefully chosen, to offer our guests authentic experiences, as well as comfort and peace.

Small groups – big experiences

The activities we offer all benefit from being taught in a small group. For cooking, we often pair up, and it’s a bonding experience to make meals together. Our painting tutors are adept at getting everyone in the group to relax, whatever their level of ability, and at the end of the week, everyone shows their work in a friendly supportive environment. Similarly, with photography and Pilates, we learn from each other as well as from tutor tips and tuition. For language learning, we can talk together to practise new vocabulary, before trying it in the real world. Learning on a group holiday is a shared experience, and a relaxed way to get to know new people. There’s always something to talk about – whatever you’ve learned that day.

But there’s always the chance to take yourself away for a spot of me-time, too, whether that’s with a book by the pool, or for a quiet snooze in your room. And on our group excursions, you can choose to stay in a group, or head off exploring on your own. Our bilingual host is always around to help out if anyone needs them.

Private group holidays

We do occasionally offer a bespoke Flavours itinerary for a private group. In the past, this has been for a large family celebration or a big birthday. Do get in touch if this is something you’re interested in, and we’ll see what we can do. Read how our guest Lindsay celebrated her 60th with family and friends on a private Amalfi coast Flavours holiday in this blog.

Time to book

Please get in touch to find out more or start the booking process. We’re always happy to answer any queries. Call on 0131 343 2500, or send us a message via our contact form.