Our language teacher with guests enjoying Italian food in evening sunshine.

Vuoi imparare l’italiano? Together with the Italian Cultural Institute, Flavours is now offering high quality Italian language holidays in Tuscany , Amalfi and Sicily. The Italian language has a wonderfully charming nature that makes it a joy to learn. For those who are already lovers of Italy, learning the language really is the key that opens up a world of opportunity to appreciate it further. It has been proven that there is no better way to learn a new language than by immersing oneself in the local culture, and so guests will learn from native, Italian speakers and have the opportunity to practice their newly learnt language in an authentic environment.

The Italian Cultural Institute is known for their first class, comprehensive language courses and so will provide excellent tuition for those looking to start from scratch, or those looking to improve on their knowledge of the Italian language while enjoying some Italian sunshine! What’s more, sharing fun moments with your fellow language students and seeing new places while you learn makes our language holidays a unique holiday experience.

Where would you like to go?

Italian language teacher with group of holiday guests teaching in local trattoria.
Learn Italian in Tuscany
Learn Italian from native speakers and immerse yourself in the Tuscan culture. Read more »
View of Amalfi from our holiday venue.
Learn Italian in Amalfi
Explore Amalfi's charming towns and meet inspiring locals whilst learning Italian Read more »
Sicily Language Holiday
Learn Italian in Sicily
There is really no better place to learn Italian and speak like a local than Sicily. Read more »