Our Painting Holiday Tutors

All of our painting holiday tutors are experienced and inspiring artists who will ensure your perfect Italian painting experience. To get to know each of our painting tutors and to see what to expect from an Italian painting week, find out more about them below!

Douglas Matthews

Douglas is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art (Drawing & Painting) and has been teaching art to adults and secondary school pupils both in the UK and the Middle East since he graduated. He has had seven one-man exhibitions and his work is included in several international private collections. For 16 years he was the watercolour tutor at the Holyrood Art Club in Edinburgh and has run private painting groups at his home since his return to Scotland in 2000. Douglas continues to paint both in water and oil-based mediums and includes mixed media in the landscapes and seascapes that will be the basis of his next exhibition.

Douglas’ next available dates are:

  • Painting in Andalusia-13-20 April 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Tuscany-18-25 May 2024
  • Painting in Tuscany- 8-15 June 2024
  • Painting in Tuscany- 15-22 June 2024
  • Painting in Andalusia 19th – 26th October is 2024
Douglas Matthews Flavours Holidays Painting Tutor

Meet Douglas here, in his Introduction to Acrylics on-demand course taster

I am delighted to continue as a tutor with Flavours. My overriding aim is to ensure that you have an enjoyable, stress free but wholly rewarding holiday and that my help and expertise has encouraged you to progress your work in whatever medium you choose.

Douglas Matthews

John Gagahan

John Gahagan is a professional artist living and working in Scotland. He studied at the Glasgow School of Art and specialises in architectural illustration and landscape painting. His pictures capture his love for urban architecture at home and abroad and coastal and pastoral scenes around Scotland.

His travels with his sketchbook have taken him on many an artistic sojourn; to such diverse locations as France, Spain, Germany, Russia, Ireland, and the Americas.


John’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Painting in Emilia Romagna 18-25 May 2024
  • Painting in Puglia 15-22 June 2024
  • Painting in Puglia 22-29 June 2024
John Gagahan Painting Teacher

Michael Gahagan

Michael Gahagan is an accomplished artist and professional business and life coach who delivers painting and drawing tuition in an engaging, relaxing, fun, and supportive style to people of all artistic abilities. His animal illustrations have also appeared in numerous articles and books. Artistic subject matter includes landscapes, seascapes, still life, and wildlife.

Michael’s next available dates are:

  • Painting in Andalusia-18-25 May 2024
  • Painting in Sicily-20-27 October 2024
Michael painting tutor

I passionately believe that we can all draw! As an artist and professionally qualified coach my aim is to combine my artistic and coaching skills to help participants enjoy art and develop at a pace that suits their own level of skills and experience in a supportive environment with like-minded individuals. The format of the each course is informal and supportive and is designed to improve confidence, build artistic skills and encourage each participant’s individual artistic development.

Michael Gahagan

Kate Wheaton

Kate Graduated in Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art and achieved an Andrew Grant postgraduate scholarship. Following further study at Jordanhill College she entered the teaching profession moving from Craigmont High School to the Theatre Arts Centre in Edinburgh working with film and photography. She then went to The Royal High School teaching Art and Design to both young mixed-ability classes and students at senior level. Adults attended her evening class in Still Life painting. It was there that she became a Principal Teacher of Guidance helping young people to achieve their full potential.
She has a studio and has exhibited her work in galleries and at Whitehall. She now works largely on commissions for friends. ‘Whichever medium I work in I have a thirst for vibrant colour, it lifts the spirits and delights the heart’.

Kate’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Painting in Andalusia-11-18 May 2024
  • Painting in Sicily 08-15 September 2024
Kate Wheaton Painting Tutor

Jonathan Newey

Jonathan Newey is an award-winning artist who lives and works in Reading. He comes from a strong artistic background and is believed to be a 4th generation artist. He works in a variety of mediums and subjects and has been teaching art courses in adult education for 25 years, running courses on drawing and painting with watercolour, acrylic, coloured pencil, and watercolour pencil.

Jonathan Newey is an award-winning artist with over 25 years of experience in both drawing and painting. Born in Reading, England, he comes from a long line of artists in his family. He has extensive experience in a wide range of mediums and subject matter but specialises in drawings and paintings inspired by nature.
He has over 20 years of experience as a teacher and lecturer and has taught in local and national adult education colleges and has also taught in various countries around the world such as Greece, Cyprus, Spain, France and Italy.
He is a member of the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and has been selected for their ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ exhibit at the Mall Galleries, London for 7 years.
He has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has paintings in various collections both at home and abroad.

Jonathan’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Painting in Puglia 07-14 September 2024
  • Painting in Puglia 14-21 September 2024
Jonathan Newey Painting Tutor

Julie Ford

Julie is a successful artist and tutor based on the Thames Estuary in Essex with a passion for all things nautical. She loves colour, the beauty of nature, plain air painting and people and enjoys sharing the knowledge she has gleaned through attending workshops and courses herself with artists she admires. Julie’s work aims to create a sense of joy and as a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, the mental well-being aspect of creating art is an important part of her teaching ethos. Julie loves to ’share the joy’ by helping others discover their own inner artist and explore their own style and vibe. As a self-taught artist, she has an understanding of the challenge of building the necessary skills and technical knowledge to create artwork to be proud of.
Julie delivers a variety of workshops, courses and classes for the public and private sector as well as local charities and enjoys working with people of all skill levels and abilities. She believes that we all learn from each other constantly. She works in oils, watercolour, acrylics and soft pastels which she has a particular fondness for because of their immediacy, vibrancy and forgiving nature. Julie is an Associate Artist for Unison Colour, the UK’s premier soft pastel manufacturer and is a regular contributor of educational content for their website and membership.

Julie’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Painting in Tuscany 01-08 June 2024
  • Painting in Sicily 15-22 September 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Andalusia 12 – 19 October 2024 * SOLD OUT *
Julie Ford photo

Bella Franks

Bella is an artist and yoga teacher living in Brighton. She trained in London and  Florence, setting up her life drawing business in 2010 where she teaches the traditional practice in a range of settings such as in workplaces, festivals, on retreats, and holidays.
Bella has a degree in Primary Education and works with both adults and children as a freelance educator in schools, museums, and galleries. She specialises in working with children with additional needs and loves the possibilities that art expression offers.

Bella works with charcoal, oils, acrylic, and watercolour as well as mixed media, print, and collage. She loves exploring materials and encouraging her students to try new things and enjoy the creative process.

Bella’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Painting in Bolognia 14-21 September 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Puglia 05-12 October 2024
  • Painting in Puglia 12-19 October 2024
Bella Franks headshot

Celia Bennett

Celia is an adventurous artist who uses dynamic brush strokes to express her love of colour and texture. Her landscape and seascape paintings are full of movement, life, and light. She works with mixed media or watercolour for her paintings, and watercolour with ink for her sketches. She enjoys sketching outdoors and capturing the essence of places and people.

She has been teaching weekly art classes to adults for several years, covering a wide range of subjects and different mediums. She has also taught mixed media workshops to adults and children. She loves sharing her passion for drawing and painting. She helps her students grow in confidence as they explore various techniques in a fun and encouraging atmosphere. She believes everyone can learn to paint if they have support and encouragement from a good tutor.

She has also mentored other professional artists over the years, helping them to overcome ‘Artist’s Block’, learn new skills, loosen up their style and try new materials and techniques.

She has worked with Winsor and Newton to trial at the Head Office and has regularly demonstrated their products in Art Retailers across the UK.

Celia’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Painting in Sicily 19-26 May 2024
  • Painting in Sicily 26 May – 02 June 2024
  • Painting in Sicily 13-20 October 2024
Celia Bennett

Sophie McKay Knight

Sophie McKay Knight graduated from Edinburgh College of Art and University in 1997 and has been a professional artist ever since, exhibiting throughout the UK and abroad. Her work explores the human condition and she is inspired by nature, science, stories, and magic. Her recent work explores the sea, how the light changes and a sense of place.
Sophie has also taught art to adults and children in a variety of settings for over twenty years and currently teaches life drawing, as well as mentoring artists wishing to develop their practice. Sophie mainly works in water-based media but also loves drawing and a mixed-media approach.
“I love teaching mixed ability groups and will meet everyone at their own level, encouraging independence, creativity, and fun! I believe that everyone has a unique route to expression which is just waiting to be explored.”

Sophie’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Painting in Puglia 8-15 June 2024
  • Painting in Tuscany 31st August – 7th September 2024
Sophie McKay Knight

Angus Maclean

Gus graduated in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art and Reading University. He has been employed in art education since 1975.  Among, the schools in which he has taught are, the Kings School Ely, Daniel Stewart’s and Melville College, Edinburgh, and, for 30 years, at Dollar Academy.  He is the Principal Assessor for Advanced Higher Art and Design.  He has considerable experience in adult classes including for many years running the Dollar Art Group.  As well as creating his own work he has been working on commissions ranging from formal portraits to graphic design work for Cambridge University Press.  He has also been engaged in helping his daughter Rachel Maclean with sculpture and “storyboarding” in preparing for multi-media exhibitions.

Gus’ next available holiday dates are:

  • Painting in Sicily 28 April- 5 May 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Sicily 5th – 12th May * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Tuscany- 29 June -6 July 2024
  • Painting in Sicily 1-8 September 2024
  • Painting in Sicily 6-13 October 2024
Angus Mclean headshot

Mark Holden

Mark Has been a Scottish-based professional Artist since 2002 when he started his career in St.Andrews. He has exhibited in Galleries in Scotland, the UK and undertaken commission works in Arnhem Hospital Holland, and for a variety of clients in Europe. He also coaches Art Groups in Scotland and later this year in Italy.

Mark works with Oils, Acrylics, and Watercolours. Subjects range from Scottish landscapes, Classic Cars, Golf courses, and Skiing. Mark likes to work on commissions for clients and has had several recently used in new house-build projects as feature artwork.

Mark’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Painting in Puglia 11-18 May 2024
  • Painting in Puglia 18-25 May 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Sicily 2-9 June 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Sicily 9-16 June 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Venice 7-14 September 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Venice 14-21 September 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Seville 12-19 October 2024
Mark Holden Painting Tutor Flavours Holidays Photo

It is a wonderful experience sharing art techniques at the amazing Flavours venues and on location trips we share, it's great seeing people leave more confident and excited about their art journey - come along and experience it yourself.

Mark Holden

Jaclyn Stuart

Jaclyn is an artist who works in St Andrews Scotland. She graduated from Grays School of Art with a BA Hons in Fine Art in 2000. She has taught art in many establishments including lecturing in Further Education. She now runs her own teaching business in St Andrews along with making and selling her own artwork. She works in watercolour, acrylics, oils, and inks.

Jaclyn’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Painting in Seville 11-18 May 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Emilia Romagna 21-28 September 2024
Jaclyn Stuart headshot

Art that speaks to the heart. I love to use symbolism to explore themes of meaning,faith, morality, identity and destiny. I want to create beautiful work that speaks to the heart.

Jaclyn Stuart

Alan Rogers

Alan graduated in painting and printmaking firstly at Exeter, then Glasgow School of Art, before qualifying as a teacher at the University of Wales. He has 35 years’ experience working in colleges and universities in the UK and Italy and enjoys working with mixed-ability groups and encouraging individuals to find their ‘voice’. As a professional artist, Alan has worked internationally across 4 continents and 11 countries as artist-in-residence, curator, and public artist. He was course leader in B.A. Art Education at the University of Wales, a recipient of the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Award and has over 15 one-person exhibitions to his name. He moved to Venice in 2020, establishing himself as a visual artist and freelance educator. He works principally using mixed-media, collage, and paint create ‘a sense of place’ and is currently engaged on an ‘archival’ portraiture project of his local community in collaboration with the Austrian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Architecture.


Alan’s next available dates are:

  • Painting in Venice 11-18 May 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Venice 18-25 May 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Painting in Puglia 1st – 8th June 2024
  • Painting in Tuscany 22-29 June 2024
  • Painting in Tuscany 7-14 September 2024
  • Painting in Tuscany 14-21 September 2024
  • Painting in Tuscany 21st – 28th September
  • Painting in Tuscany 5-12 October 2024
  • Painting in Tuscany 12-19 October 2024

Deirdre Nichols

Trained at Liverpool and Winchester Schools of Art & taught by William Crozier, Patrick Heron, and Norman Ackroyd, Deirdre won the Northern Young
Contemporaries prize in its early days. Deirdre’s specialisms are watercolour painting and figurative sculpture. She has a degree in Fine Art from Winchester School of Art, a Master’s degree in Classics, and a PGCE from Sussex University, has taught both children and adults and run gallery tours for over 40 years. Deirdre has worked in public and private collections in the UK, France, and the US and exhibits widely. One of her works has been shortlisted for the RA Summer Exhibition 2023.

Deirdre’s next available dates are coming soon

Deirdre Nicholls Art Teacher

My approach to teaching is to build confidence through technique in both drawing and in the specialist handling that watercolours demand, so that my students can relax into the work and find true pleasure in the execution of it.

Deirdre Nichols

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