Activity Holidays

More and more holidaymakers are realising the benefits of an activity holiday. Learning something new or improving at something you enjoy doing, while enjoying the warmth and beauty of a new place and meeting like-minded people is a win-win. Even just booking a week away will improve your state of mind – it’s great to have something to look forward to and anticipate.

Activity holidays are good for us all. It’s well known that keeping mind and body active as we grow older is beneficial. Why not enhance your life and interests by taking a holiday in your favourite activity – or have a go at something you’ve never tried before to keep those brain cells on their toes? At Flavours Holidays, because we only take small groups and have expert tutors, we can cater for all levels of ability in your chosen activity. Read on for more information about our activity holidays and why you should try one.

Why go on an activity holiday

Everything is included on Flavours activity holidays, from transfers to food and wine, plus expert tuition in your chosen activity. They’re about learning, but also about having a relaxed and enjoyable time. We go to the most beautiful places, and stay in authentic attractive large villas as well as taking trips to nearby towns or places of interest.

But which activity to choose? Here’s a quick guide to what to expect.


A week of Pilates in the Italian or Spanish sunshine gives your body and mind a boost. Pilates is suitable exercise for all ages and abilities, and our expert Body Control Pilates instructors can help both beginners and experienced guests. We offer our Pilates activity holiday guests one or two group Pilates sessions a day on most days during a week’s holiday – with additional personal tuition. Our Pilates holidays are about stretching and improving your Pilates, but also about relaxing at the villa or by the poolside and enjoying good food and a Prosecco or two. Trips to charming local towns or attractions are included, accompanied by our knowledgeable and bilingual host.


Our photography holidays are tutored by expert snappers. You’ll spend the week learning new photography skills in beautiful and creatively stimulating locations. We’re always based at a peaceful large villa, where you’ll have private accommodation and eat with your fellow photographers. Food and wine are all included, as are excursions. Whether you’re just learning to take your camera off auto for the first time or are more experienced, we’ll cater to your level. Capture iconic landscapes and towns, and learn how to improve all aspects of taking photographs. Suitable for solo travellers or pairs, this is a great way to immerse yourself in your hobby.


Relaxed and fun Flavours cooking holidays are where this company has its roots. We take you to wonderful foodie regions and use local chefs to teach you how to make the best authentic regional dishes. Our bilingual hosts are always around to assist, too. You’ll cook and eat with your group – always a small collection of like-minded people, usually aged anywhere between 30 and 90 and a happy mix of solo travellers, friends or couples. We’re always based in a spacious attractive villa with a suitable teaching kitchen and dining area. And we’ll head out to nearby towns to sample a restaurant or two and have a look around.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve only just picked up brushes for the first time since school, or are an established artist, our painting holidays in Italy and Spain are a wonderful chance to spend a whole week concentrating on improving your painting skills. Our painting tutors are a talented and patient bunch of accomplished artists, and will work with you at your level, assisting with everything from sketching to colour work. This opportunity of taking a painting activity holiday in the sunshine with a small group of fellow artists is not to be missed.

Learning Italian

We’ll find out how good your Italiano is before you come and make sure we help you at whatever level you’re at, whether you’re just staring out on the Duolingo App, or are already happy to chat away. During our week in Italy, we’ll take you to our favourite local restaurants and sights and help you practice your new-found vocab and skills, learnt during the day’s language sessions. Being in Italy is by far the best way to improve your Italian language skills, specially with our friendly Italian tutors, and while being cooked for and not having to worry about anything else.

Interested to find out more?

Click the links below to take you to each Flavours activity holiday homepage. Our holidays take place in Italy and Spain, based in tasteful large villa accommodation in idyllic locations. Our small-group activity holidays are in Tuscany, Bologna, Venice, Puglia, Sicily, Amalfi, and Andalusia in Spain.

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