Our Italian Teachers

Carlo Lenoci

Carlo is a graduate of the University of Milan where he studied Italian Linguistics and Philology. He has taught Italian in various Edinburgh language schools, as well as providing students with essential tools to improve their Italian conversational skills. Along with his language competences Carlo is passionate about theatre, having studied drama for 7 years at Teatri Possibili Academy in Milan he now teaches theatre workshops in Italian focusing his lessons on the improvisation, imitation, and dramatisation of real-life situations.

Carlo’s 2024 dates are:

  • Language in Sicily 12-19 May 2024
  • Language in Sicily 19-26 May 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Language in Puglia 8-15 June 2024
  • Language in Puglia 15-22 June 2024
  • Language in Puglia 7-14 September 2024
  • Language in Puglia 14-21 September 2024
  • Language in Tuscany 5-12 October 2024
Carlo Lenoci

I strongly believe that there is nothing better for a traveller than learning the language of the place they are visiting. When I travel I always try to learn at least few sentences in the language of the countries I am visiting; consequently I encourage others to do so. I think that learning the language of the place you are visiting allows you to better enjoy the wonders of a new culture, without excluding the great possibility of making new friends and enjoying the adventure of the journey.

Carlo Lenoci

Alessia D’Aleo

Alessia has been teaching Italian since 2009. Born in Naples and raised in Palermo (Sicily), she studied classics in Palermo and then specialized in Ancient History in Rome (La Sapienza University). She kept exploring the study of the classical world with a Ph.D. in the History of Religions conducted between Rome and the Freie Universitaet in Berlin. During her Ph.D. she also studied teaching theories to teach Italian as a second language in order to get the Ditals certification and began teaching Italian to political refugees in Rome. In 2014 she moved to England and continued to study teaching with a PGCE in Classics. He has taught high school students and adults of all levels. In her approach Alessia combines the communicative method with her training as a linguist and classicist, offering a wide variety of insights into Italian history and culture for all levels. She loves telling stories.


Alessia’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Language in Puglia 11-18 May 2024
  • Language in Puglia 18-25 May 2024
  • Language in Sicily 15-22 September 2024
  • Language in Sicily 22-29 September 2024 * SOLD OUT *
  • Language in Puglia 5-12 October 2024

There is no better input than a good story in the language you are learning about the culture you are discovering. I strongly believe on the reading method, hence I use graduated stories since the first day of lesson. You will be amazed by amount of information you can understand by reading in Italian and the amount of interesting facts or legends you will know by the end of your holiday. You will look at places and things with different eyes.

Alessia D'Aleo

Francesca Seminara

Coming from a Primary School Teaching background in Italy, Francesca is an Italian teacher who now enjoys teaching her own language to adults.

She has been teaching Italian to adults in Edinburgh for over a decade. She has qualifications and experience in tourism and she likes to combine them with the teaching of the Italian language.

She also holds an Honours Degree in Social Sciences and Criminology that she puts into practice working with vulnerable young people using other languages too.

Francesca’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Language in Tuscany -8-15 June 2024
  • Language in Tuscany- 15-22 June 2024
  • Language in Tuscany-14-21 September 2024
Francesca Seminara

Motivation is the key to open the door of a language and my target is to help people to find the right key to open that door. There is no nicer place to teach Italian than Italy itself. I enjoy teaching my own language to people who are passionate about it. My goal isn’t just to teach Italian but to promote the culture, food and landscapes of Italy. I believe that language is the starting instrument to become familiar with new customs and traditions and I am happy to encourage my students to use the language to do so. This is my way to provide them with an unforgettable Italian experience!

Francesca Seminara

Irene Malentacchi

After graduating in Intercultural Studies from the University of Florence, Irene moved to London to complete a MA in International Liaison and Communication at the University of Westminster.

After working in marketing and sales, she realised that wasn’t her path. Her love for languages and helping others pushed her to leave my full-time job to become an Italian teacher.

Irene is the founder of Italian in Love, a school for learners of Italian who wish to learn the language whilst doing something that they love from reading a book to listening to a podcast to having a conversation in Italian while having an aperitivo.
Apart from teaching, Irene loves to travel and learn languages. She speaks Italian, English, and Spanish. She is currently studying French.

Irene’s next available holiday dates are:

  • Language in Tuscany-4-11 May 2024
  • Language in Puglia 1-8 June 2024
  • Language in Venice 22-29 June 2024
  • Language in Bologna 7-14 September 2024 *SOLD OUT *
  • Language in Tuscany 12-19 October 2024
Irene Italian Teacher