Useful Italian Phrases

Travelling to a new country always comes with a few hurdles, but they can be avoided with a right guide. However, if you are planning to travel to Italy then you might need to consider that Italians do not speak English frequently it can be problematic as they usually speak Italian, French or Spanish.

Learning a new language is always fun but it takes its course and time. Holiday travelling doesn’t really give that long margin to learn the whole new set of language from scratch. But, you can learn a few useful Italian phrases before going to Italy. So, you can communicate on a basic level.

Below, we have listed down some useful Italian phrases:

Useful phrases for meet and greet

Parla Inglese? Do you speak English?
 Grazie Thank You
Prego You are welcome
 Per favore – Per Piacere Please
 Buon Giorno Good Morning – Good Afternoon
 Buona Sera Good Evening
 Buona Notte Good Night
 Come sta? (singular) How are you?
 Come state? (plural) How are you?
 Mi scusi / Scusi Excuse
 Ciao Hello / Goodbye

Useful phrases for permissions/ inquiries/requests    

Quanto costa? How much does it cost?
Dov’è ….? Where is …?
Dove si trova… l’ambasciata? Where is the … Embassy?
 Posso fare fotografie? May I take photos?
 Dove posso trovare un…/ Where can I find a…

Do you want to learn Italian? Then a language holiday in Italy could be just what you are looking for! You can find more about our Italian language holidays and read an interview with our Italian language teacher here. And make sure to come back for the second part of our useful Italian phrases next week.

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