Pilates Holidays in Italy - Review

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Irene (18/09/2018)
Barbara (17/09/2018)
Patricia (17/09/2018)
Elaine (17/09/2018)
Susan (17/09/2018)
Amanda (17/09/2018)
Susan (16/09/2018)
Yvonne (16/09/2018)
Jane (12/09/2018)
Rosemary (11/09/2018)
Amanda (09/09/2018)
Rosalind (23/07/2018)
Anna (17/07/2018)
Elizabeth (17/07/2018)
Patricia (16/07/2018)
Cecilia (16/07/2018)
Nicola (16/07/2018)
Madelaine (16/07/2018)
Nancy (14/07/2018)
Lynne (11/07/2018)
Peace and quiet on the holiday to regenerate, alongside some laughs along the way whilst getting each day off to a positive start with excellent Pilates lessons. - Lynda (10/07/2018)
Rebecca (10/07/2018)
I very much enjoyed the whole holiday, the pilates teacher, hostess and chef were absolutely brilliant - they could not do enough for us and the atmosphere in the villa was great. I have already booked for next year! - Sue (09/07/2018)
Kate (09/07/2018)
Anne (08/07/2018)
Lesley (08/07/2018)
Amanda (08/07/2018)
David (08/07/2018)
Kerry (07/07/2018)
Amanda (07/07/2018)
Jude (06/07/2018)
Linda (06/07/2018)
Carina (05/07/2018)
Susan (04/07/2018)
Graham (04/07/2018)
Andrea (02/07/2018)
I had a lovely room in the peaceful villa. I enjoyed the company of the other guests, the fab pilates teacher Diane and Valentina the host and cook. Visiting Rugusa , Noto and beach day were among my favourite parts of the holiday. - Laura (02/07/2018)
Linda (02/07/2018)
Every aspect of the holiday was excellent, it exceeded expectations - especially the friendly nature of the group and the expertise of Tracy our Pilates instructor. - Valerie (26/06/2018)
I loved the villa, the food, the staff, the classes & Tracey, our Pilates teacher, was great - I definitely would book another holiday with Flavours. - Carole (25/06/2018)
I enjoyed every minute of the holiday - as a complete novice I was really impressed by our teacher Tracey who adapted the lesson to meet my needs. I felt included at every stage and she inspired me to book into a class at home. - Marilyn (24/06/2018)
The pilates classes were fab with Tracy and I loved the trips out too. Great food and classes and good company, I had a lovely week. - John (24/06/2018)
The accomodation was first class as was the food. We had pilates lessons in the sun with a fantastic instructor and fabulous views over the Tuscany hills. A group of total strangers became great friends. - Carole (24/06/2018)
It was a thoroughly relaxing and interesting week. The balance of Pilates, excursions and relaxation was perfect for me. The host, Rosario, did a wonderful job looking after everyone. The Pilates instructor, Charlotte, was excellent. - Lesley (23/06/2018)
Patricia (23/06/2018)
Delightful villa, especially pool area and outdoor eating arrangements. Excellent Pilates instruction. Rosario, the host, did an excellent job ensuring a wonderful time. All days out were very well organised! - Joan (23/06/2018)
Helen (23/06/2018)
A fantastic holiday, like no other that I have been on. The hosts and our Pilates instructor were fantastic. The villa was beautiful. A fabulous holiday and I can't wait for the next one. - Michelle (22/06/2018)
Our teacher Ruth really helped to improve my Pilates technique. - Jacqui (22/06/2018)
Doing the pilates classes outdoors was just wonderful! - Kay (22/06/2018)
I loved the whole week especially the pilates classes with Rosalind. Can’t think of any improvements! - Ann (15/06/2018)
The holiday provide a great opportunity to try something new while being totally cared for. Enjoying lovely food, copious drink, great host, chef & lovely companions - great combination. Walter & Massimo worked tirelessly & with such good humour to look after all our needs at the villa. We were spoiled! - Susan (15/06/2018)
I don't think this holiday could be improved on. My first holiday alone but was very happy with the other guests and the host and cook were very friendly and did everything to make our stay enjoyable. - Diane (15/06/2018)
Fabulous time away - did not stop laughing all week! Carla and Claudia were amazing. Jo is a superb Pilates teacher and great fun cooking lessons with Carla! - Sally (14/06/2018)
I enjoyed the originality of the accommodation, the beautiful grounds, sculpture & hosts.The Pilates was taught with enthusiasm, care & awareness of all the participants limitations. - Vickie (14/06/2018)
A great blend of people on this holiday! Thanks to Massimo whose food was wonderful, Walter was a pleasure & the lovely Charlotte kept us on our toes. - Joyce (14/06/2018)
Mary (13/06/2018)
Joanna (13/06/2018)
Rosalind was a great Pilates instructor and took everyone's health conditions into account. The villa and views were fantastic and it was nice to have the excursions. - Mary (12/06/2018)
Joseph (12/06/2018)
Clara and Claudia were absolutely wonderful hosts. They made the holiday. We could not have had anyone better - Mary (11/06/2018)
Sonia (11/06/2018)
Claudia our host was so, so welcoming! The daily pilates was well organised and I would definitely do another pilates trip again! - Rebecca (11/06/2018)
Gabrielle (11/06/2018)
Camilla (11/06/2018)
Catrin (10/06/2018)
Difficult to say what was the favourite part because it was a total experience. Being with like minded and interesting people in a unique situation made for a relaxed holiday. Our hosts and pilates coach "Mandy" especially went the extra mile. - Pauline (31/05/2018)
Judith (30/05/2018)
Doing Pilates outside on the terrace overlooking the gorgeous Tuscan scenery. This was amazing. Our Pilates tutor, Mandy was brilliant as both a teacher and host for the week. The itinerary was varied with time to relax on your own also. - Christine (29/05/2018)
Hard to pick one thing out as my favourite - the pilates lessons were excellent, the food/wine too, and the location was beautiful. I really enjoyed the thermal pools visit. All the staff at the villa were very helpful and friendly, and Mandy is a great teacher. - Claire (29/05/2018)
Impossible to chose between my early morning Pilates led by the wonderful Ros, or the truly delicious meals cooked by the wonderful Massimo, and the thoughtful, friendly hosting by Claudia. It was a fabulous week and I will definitely do another Flavours Pilates holiday. - Jane (28/05/2018)
Claudia, Massimmo and Ros, our Pilates instructor were the best part of the holiday! - Linda (28/05/2018)
I felt very spoiled and cherished staying at the villa! Pilates at the just right level to start and end the day. Good mix. - Lyn (28/05/2018)
Patricia (28/05/2018)
Pilates with Ros was a joy. Calm, encouraging but also great fun. Claudia was a warm and welcoming host for whom nothing was too much trouble and we all looked forward to gathering at mealtimes for the wonderful food prepared by Massimo. - Loraine (28/05/2018)
Simply wonderful from start to finish. Great company, great fun and great pilates sessions. - Caroline (27/05/2018)
The villa was superb and Mandy was an excellent pilates teacher and host. She is a real people person and went out of her way to make sure the week was a success. The one to one pilates session was excellent. - Sonia (27/05/2018)
Carol (27/05/2018)
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