Travelling solo but ever alone

You want to travel but your friends don’t have the time, the money or simply just don’t share your fascination with the world. So what are you meant to do? Stay at home, wait until one of them changes their mind or just go anyway?

It may seem like a scary concept but a singles holiday is actually on the rise for women, and there’s never been a better time to just get up and do it. If your friends are all coupled up and your partner hates flying then there’s absolutely nothing to stop you from travelling alone.

So, why go on a singles holiday?

1. Singles Holidays broaden the mind

Travelling solo really does broaden the mind and allow you to live your life day by day, enjoying each moment without having to worry about the next. It allows you those moments of solitude to just be, and those feelings of anticipation and excitement as you enter a country for the first time, never cease to amaze.

One of the biggest reasons that women travel is because they enjoy time by themselves, others are because they have decided to be brave, want to follow their own schedule and want to meet new people as they do it.

2. A voyage of personal discovery

Travelling solo isn’t just about the external journey, getting from A to B; it’s also a voyage of personal discovery, you’ll find out what really makes you tick, you’ll overcome your fears and you’ll find out what truly makes you happy.

3. Travelling is food for the soul

It might sound cheesy but travelling alone really is food for the soul and allows you to get back in touch with who you are no matter what stage of life you are in. It puts everything into perspective and you’ll come back with a new perspective on the world with more new, meaningful relationships with like-minded people that share the same passion with you.

4. Travel is ageless

Travel is ageless, no matter how old you think you are, and gives you an education about the world that you would never discover from text books. You’ll learn about a country’s history and traditions and immerse yourself within the local culture, and the more you learn, the more you’ll start to see the world in a completely different way to the image that’s portrayed.

5. You’ll break down barriers

You’ll soon break down any barriers you ever had about talking to random strangers. Travellers are one big community and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make new friends. Even if you’re an introvert, singles holidays will bring you closer to people with a shared passion you might have never talked to before.

Do you need to be the most confident person in the world? Absolutely not. Solo travellers come in a variety of shapes and sizes; shy, funny, loud or just odd. With over 80% of our guests travelling alone, our holidays in Italy are a great opportunity to experience your first singles holiday. So, if you would like to find out more, simply contact our travel experts or download our brochure here.

BIO – Lisa Eldridge has been solo travelling for the last seventeen years. Her book, A Female Guide to Solo Travel is a comprehensive how to guide for any woman looking to travel solo.