Meet our painting guests: Robert

Today, we are honoured to interview a lovely and talented painting guest. Let’s meet Robert.

painting guest in robert in tuscany

Can you please tell us how long have you been painting?

I have enjoyed painting since I was a child and I attend art groups in Glasgow every week. It has always been a very natural thing for me to paint and my favourite pastime.

What inspired your Flavours artwork? 

Being in Tuscany was a very new and exciting experience for me as I has never visited Italy before. I enjoyed focusing on the beautiful Tuscan landscape surrounding the villa. Being on the week long trip meant I was able to be fully immersed in my painting and I really felt that the new subject matter and encouragement  from Hugh our tutor helped me develop my work.

Have you any advice for anyone thinking about going on a painting holiday?

I would say to anyone thinking about a painting holiday to grab the opportunity with both hands. I enjoyed my Tuscan painting holiday so much last year that I am returning to Sicily this year!

Thank you Robert! 

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