Strawberry Liqueur

strawberry liqueur


Liquore alla Fragole

(1 ½ litres)

500ml pure alcohol (95%) or plain vodka

700ml water

400g caster sugar

500g ripe strawberries

Wash the strawberries well and cut them in small pieces.

Place the strawberries in a jar

Soak them for at least 7-10 days in the alcohol.

When the alcohol has become red and all the flavour and juice of the strawberries has been released, you can prepare the syrup.

In a pan, bring 700ml of water to the boil and dissolve 400g sugar into it.

Let the syrup cool down.

When it is cold, mix in the strawberry flavoured alcohol.

Now filter the liquid through a fine sieve.

You can used the strawberries in a fruit salad !.

Bottle the strawberry liqueur and always keep a bottle in the freezer

Serve cold.

The liqueur that we have just made should be around alc.30% vol., so not too strong!

Enjoy at the end of the meal cold as you would a limoncello.

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