Painting Holidays in Italy - Reviews

With 100% customer satisfaction, we are delighted to hear how much our guests enjoy their holidays with us. We aim to use your feedback to learn and grow – so thanks to our guests who took the time to write their comments. To see exactly what our guests have to say about their painting holidays with Flavours, you can now read all our reviews below. < Go back

RatingGuest Review
Ann (19/09/2018)
Susan (18/09/2018)
Christine (16/09/2018)
Sandra (16/09/2018)
Bertie (16/09/2018)
Kim (03/07/2018)
Sitting in the sun painting was definitely my favourite part of the holiday - Sharon (01/07/2018)
Our tutor Michael created a relaxed atmosphere and ensured a balance of tuition to all the group and individually. The visits were well planned and taking place on alternate days gave time to relax, sight see and to paint and draw. It was a fabulous experience. - Geralynn (24/06/2018)
My favorite part of the holiday was definitely the camaraderie in our painting group, and Michael's tutoring on plein air painting (esp. colour knowledge of the Tuscany landscape). Franco's cooking was also very inspiring and delicious. - MIlledge (23/06/2018)
Jean (23/06/2018)
I loved everything about the holiday! - Jane (23/06/2018)
Val (23/06/2018)
There were so many highlights of the holiday - painting the beautiful area around the villa, enjoying the company of lovely people and feeling really relaxed! - Amanda (23/06/2018)
The Tuscany countryside was ideal for painting! - John (22/06/2018)
I really enjoyed the workshops - would definitely do another painting holiday! - Susan (22/06/2018)
Nearby Querceto was primo! A great place to draw, explore, and taste wine. The camaraderie of my group: stellar. - Linda (19/06/2018)
I really enjoyed the whole painting holiday and being in a small group of like minded people. The visit to Querceto where we sat and sketched was interesting and a new experience for me. - Kathleen (18/06/2018)
I really enjoyed everything about the holiday but when the Atlas Mountains came into full view on the 3rd day was totally awe inspiring!! - Karen (13/06/2018)
Dorothy (11/06/2018)
Enjoyed chemistry with fellow guests, chef & instructor and also learned new techniques in painting as well as some cooking tips from the chef. - John (10/06/2018)
Penny (10/06/2018)
The location of the Villa, was so peaceful, and spacious. Michael was a brilliant teacher and host, the group were all very caring and helpful! I hope to have another holiday with Flavours next year! - Mary (10/06/2018)
Hazel (07/06/2018)
I enjoyed the holiday very much. It was the first on my own. Difficult to pick out my favourite part. I think it was feeling very comfortable with everything and being relaxed! Everything was really nice. Giuseppe the chef was excellent. - Edwina (29/05/2018)
Rosamunde (28/05/2018)
Favourite part of holiday: Meeting our tutor and other guests and painting outdoors. Another highlight was our visit to San Gimignano and the lovely restaurant with an outstanding view in the evening.Our very own Chef was a delight. - Joan (27/05/2018)
The quiet encouragement from Hugh on drawing and painting gave me confidence to just enjoy and have fun! A great way to get back to or start the creative process. A fabulous week! - Corinne (27/05/2018)
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