Singles Holidays over 40

It’s an indisputable fact that once you’re over 40, health becomes a slightly more pressing concern. Small aches and pains suddenly make themselves known along with unwanted grey hairs and fine lines! But don’t despair, these signs should only nudge us to look after ourselves by keeping fit and flexible as we gracefully age.

While some people start running (a nightmare for the knees) and others come over all MAMIL (middle-aged-men-in-lycra) and climb onto road bikes, the sensible of us opt for stretching and strengthening, Pilates-style.

Being over 40 is the ideal time to take a Pilates holiday. It’s perfect for singles over 40 looking to invest in their health while also enjoying a holiday. With Flavours, this means heading to the warmth and beauty of Italy or Spain. Spending a whole week doing Pilates around twice a day will get you feeling great.

Do I need to be single?

An impressive 70% of Flavours guests travel alone. Pilates isn’t always something couples do together, and people often choose to have a breakaway on their own, single or not. The good thing about Flavours is that each small group tends to have a majority of singles over 40, 50 and above (both men and women), plus a couple or two, and maybe a pair of friends. This makes for a natural atmosphere, and great friendships are often formed. There may even have been an odd romance!

What’s good for singles over 40 on a Flavours holiday?

Going on a Pilates singles holiday when you’re over 40 is as much about relaxation as it is about exercise. There’s time to relax by the pool or wander through the vineyards or gardens around your villa. A key part of Flavours holidays is enjoying delicious food, and meeting for an aperitif before dinner, chatting through the day with your fellow guests.

Each day starts with a Pilates session before breakfast, often outside in the warmth. Our tutors are all expert Pilates teachers. Additional sessions mean you’ll feel more in tune with your body and with your Pilates practice by the end of the week. Sometimes coming alone can help you focus on your goals.

If you’re new to Pilates (don’t worry our tutors can work with every level), you’ll get a great start on improving flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness over the week.

We also take you on excursions accompanied by our multi-lingual hosts, usually to nearby towns or local sights. Italy has the most beautiful cities and towns in the world – Florence, Siena, Venice, for example. And we show you our favourite spots. We also eat out a couple of times a week in authentic local restaurants; a perfect time for getting to know one other.

Everything is included

Whatever activity you choose (we also do cooking, photography, painting, and Italian learning holidays), everything is organised for you and covered in a single price.

Who has time to trawl the internet looking for the best restaurants, accommodation and sights, without knowing how much it will all cost? The Flavours team have researched everything thoroughly, and we know each area like the back of our hand. You only have to pick the location, from Amalfi, Bologna, Sicily, Puglia, Venice, Tuscany and now Andalusia in Spain.

Why Flavours?

First, we never charge a single supplement. Since the day we started over 20 years ago, we’ve never believed that charging singles extra for their holiday makes sense.

We’ve been organising singles holidays for over 21 years, and have honed them well. Over 45% of our guests are repeat customers, so we think we’re doing something right. We’ve done all the hard work for you and have found the best places to stay, eat, drink and visit.

We also have a fantastic and loyal team of great tutors. Have a look at the Pilates instructors, here.

You’ll meet other like-minded travellers; singles over 40 and a few under, or couples over 60, or over 50s simply holidaying without their other half. All ages come on our holidays.

What to expect

Why not read our Flavours guest Rachel’s interview about her Pilates trip in Sicily to get an idea of what to expect on a Flavours singles holiday.

And if Pilates isn’t your bag, don’t forget that exercising your creative mind over 40 is also essential. Sometimes, it’s not until we hit our forties that we start to regain interest in things we liked when we were younger. Why not join a singles painting holiday, perhaps, or a photography holiday, or come and improve your Italian? Browse the choices here.

More information

Download our handy Singles Guide here. And download the full Flavours brochure here.

If you have questions, just give us a call on 0131 343 2500, or drop us an email: – we’re always happy to chat.