10 Facts That Will Make You Fall in Love with Italy

Facts that will make you fall in love with Italy

It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with Italy when its capital is a city as beautiful as Rome. But, Rome is not the only reason to fall in love with Italy. It’s not difficult for a country like Italy to steal your heart – the Italian way of life, its regional food, stunning vistas and so much more will leave you innamorata, enchanted by this unique country!

1. Fall in love with Italian Food

The one thing people are always worried about while travelling is “food”. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about it while travelling to Italy! Italian cuisine is out of this world, not only it will satisfy your taste buds, it will leave you completely in awe. There is plenty of choice when travelling Italy with traditional pizzas, pastas, or calzones as big as the size of your head. Each and every food is made with Italian perfection!

A table full of Italian dishes

2. Living the Italian way

Italian way of living is enough to make you fall in love with Italy. Italians love their families, their love for Italian food, Italian music, and Italian traditions is so overwhelming. Basically, Italians are attached to their customs and they love their lifestyle as they know very well how to live a balanced life. They are very loyal towards their culture and upbringing. You can read more about the Italian lifestyle by reading one of our previous blog posts.

A group of guests learning about the Italian culture

3. House Wine is a charm!

When you visit any Italian restaurant, you’re not only greeted by waiters with a warm smile and a menu. The waiters present you with their own house wine to preserve their tradition. Many Italians prefer to grow their own wine from grape vineyards. Statista shared that there is an estimated 45,000 + vineyards in Italy. Can you imagine the amount of wine produced from one vineyard alone?!

A group of people enjoying a glass of Italian housewine

4. Gelato

 Gelato is the signature ice cream of Italy, and calling it an “ice cream” is a sin, because gelato is not one of your regular ice creams. From decadent chocolate flavour, to unique charcoal flavour gelato; everything is just perfection. For anyone that needs a bit of persuading to order gelato… Gelato is a healthy alternative to ice cream and you can find many types of flavours! Fruity, sweet, savoury or even some unusual flavours such as ‘Ricotta Cheese’ flavour.

A cone of gelato in Italy

5. Architecture

Italy is beautiful in its own way, every Italian city is built in such a manner that it leaves you in awe. Venice has the picturesque canals; Florence possesses incredible structures dating back centuries; Cinque Terre is home to a collection of the most colourful houses I’ve ever seen. Italy is such a diverse country that no matter where you travel to, you will spot a different type of architecture than the previous place you visit.


Beautiful architecture in Sicily

6. Bridges

The beautiful bridges really took my heart. Looking at the sunset at the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, or quaint bridges spanning Venetian canals, each isbeautiful in its own way. Who would’ve thought a bridge could offer you so much beauty

The Rialto bridge in Venice

7. Fall in love with the Italian Art

Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo. Do we need to say more? Italy is the house of exquisite paintings and art. You can look at the artwork for hours and still stay awestruck for the whole day. To experience the world’s greatest masterpieces, explore Florence for a visit to the Uffizi Gallery, the statue of David, and the Duomo. 

Italian painting of the Romanian Colosseum

8. Beautiful Train Journeys

If you’re travelling through countryside make sure you make a train journey. While, train journeys of Italy are all beautiful, undoubtedly the most impressive crosses through both Italy and Switzerland – the Bernina Express.

A beautiful train route in Italy

9. Tuscan Romance is perfect to fall in love with

If you visit Italy but you don’t visit Tuscany, then you miss on a lot of romance. Tuscany is certainly one of the world’s most romantic regions to visit. The list of what makes Tuscany so romantic is endless such as wineries, Tuscan villas, rolling hills and more.

A hilltop view of Florence, Tuscany

10. Venetian Canals

The gondola ride on Venetian canals is something which should definitely be on your to-do list. While you plan on doing this be prepared to get lost in the beauty of Venetian canals. You could even stop off for some tasty cicchetti and people watch around the water town.

The sun shining down on a canal in Venice

What will you fall in love with in Italy?

This list has definitely got us thinking about what we are going to fall in love with the most about Italy. We can help you discover what you’ll love by joining one ofo our activity holidays in Italy. Discover the beautiful country and culture yourself.

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