5 Myths about Solo Travelling

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Do you want to travel solo but have not booked yet because your fears have overcome you? While it is perfectly normal to be scared, be assured that a holiday for single people has lots of benefits to it. That’s why we want to clear up with the myths we so often hear and tell you the advantages of going on holidays for single people! So, let’s have a look at 5 frequently asked questions and our answers – based on 15 years of solo traveller holidays experience!

1. Solo travelling is scary.

Of course, the thought of solo travelling can be scary. To overcome your fears, just research the company you are going with and make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. To avoid disappointment, make sure that you ask the company itself what they offer. You could also search for blogs online or ask testimonials who would be happy to share their single holiday experience with you. Doing the research and hearing about other people’s experience regarding your potential tour operator, will help you find the courage for your solo travels.

2. All solo travellers have to be single.

That’s a myth that many people believe. But, to go on solo traveller holidays you don’t need to be single neither do you have to look for a partner. The beauty of solo travelling is that you can do whatever you want to do – whenever you want to do it. Not being restricted by your friends’ or family’s demands, you can see a holiday for single people as your time out. Our Flavours holidays are designed to give you the time you need to spend on yourself. All you have to think about during your cooking, painting, language, photography or Pilates holiday is what YOU want, and nothing else. So, whether you have a partner or not – a single holiday means that you can enjoy some alone time and look after your needs.

3. I will be bored as a solo traveller

To avoid being bored on a single holiday, you should look up companies that offer activities during your vacation. We at Flavours Holidays make sure that you will be entertained throughout your whole trip. Just think about the subject and destination you’d be interested in. So, do you want to go on an Italian cooking course or maybe join us for a painting  or photography holiday? Or, perhaps, try something completely new and go on a Pilates  or language holiday! We at Flavours offer a variety of activities and destinations that will keep you busy (Of course, only if you want to be!)

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4. As a solo traveller I will be paying more.

A lot of solo travellers are worried about the single supplement that so many tour operators add just because you travel on your own. However, going on a holiday for single people with Flavours, we will not charge you extra. Therefore, having no single supplement makes Flavours Holidays perfect for anyone who thinks about becoming a solo traveller.

5. I won’t get along with the new group of people.

Of course, going on a holiday by yourself with people you have never met can be scary. Will I get on with them? Will I feel part of the group? Well, the way our holidays in Italy are set up makes it incredibly easy for you to meet like-minded people. You will most likely share the same interest with your co-travellers – whether it is a love for Italy, Italian food and language, art or Pilates. Being in small groups and doing courses together, will make it easy to get to know each other and become friends. And, the new made friendship is something that you will take back home with you!

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Do you want to read more about our single holidays? Why not download our singles holidays guide or read our blog to get more holiday ideas for singles. If you have any questions, need more information or just reassurance, there is always someone on hand who is happy to handle queries. So please, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly members of staff!

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