A solo traveller holiday to Italy

Turn up the heat and get me on a Flavours holiday! With the food, drinks, cities, cultures and views, there is really no place quite like Italy. Here at Flavours, we travel to multiple different locations in Italy. From the Tuscan hilltops to blue seas at the Amalfi coast. Each place is so different in its own unique way but, they do all have one thing in common with one another…. They’re all perfect for a solo traveller.

Maureen, one of our previous solo travellers has kindly shared her thoughts of her experience with Flavours with us and here is what she has to say. “I enjoyed my holidays with Flavours as they have a winning formula. Small groups, great locations, superb houses, and villas with ensuite bedrooms. Add to that an attentive host, interesting activities, and outings, all with plenty of Prosecco and wine included. Flavours offer a friendly and attentive service. Your host meets you the moment you arrive, ensuring that all the guests get to know one another over a glass of Prosecco. What a great way to start a holiday!”

Maureen and solo traveller guest cooking in Amalfi

Maureen and other solo travellers cooking in Amalfi

Italy is an all-time favourite at Flavours. In Italy you can choose between five of our activity holidays in six different Italian destinations to go on, these are cooking, painting, photography, Pilates, and languages. Travelling out to Italy and joining in with activities that you’re passionate about with other solo travellers isn’t something you can do every day. Flavours will provide you with all your food, transport, accommodation, day trips and resources for your chosen activity.  

Anyone that joins a Flavours holiday will never feel as if they’re left out. Every solo traveller is very friendly and in the same position as any other solo traveller. They may be nervous, anxious, or excited about travelling but all feelings are valid and we as a company are here to help you out of your comfort zone. At the end of the holiday weeks, our solo travellers leave with new friendships and memories, this is what we love to see.  

Solo traveller holidays guests out in Tuscany

Solo traveller holiday guests cooking out in Tuscany

Flavours holidays travel to six different locations in Italy. Amalfi, Venice, Puglia, Tuscany, Sicily, and Bologna. For the past 23 years, there have been hundreds of cooking, painting, Pilates, photography, and languages holiday’s hosted in the blazing Italian sun. So many special memories to look back on and so many memories being made today.  

Everyone deserves a holiday and with the passion of our guests, you will feel so motivated to crack on with your chosen activity! Get in touch if you would like more information on our holidays, we are more than happy to chat with you.

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