Art of Travel Exhibition – Morocco

The Art of Travel Exhibition showcases some of the best artwork and photographs of our Amicis. Have a look at some of the art created on our painting holidays and photography holidays. If you wish to purchase any of the art below please contact the Flavours Office by email – or by calling us on 0131 343 2500.

We are supporting Maggies. Maggie’s is a charity providing free cancer support and information in centres across the UK and online.

Art of Travel Exhibition - Market scene Morocco Maureen Holdaway

Market scene – Morocco (£69)

“The Market scene was taken in Ourika market in Morocco. We were encouraged by Mark our tutor to take local scenes as part of our photography activity on the Marrakesh Taster week in March 2023 The market visit was a great place to capture local people going about their daily lives.”


A city from above – Marrakesh, Morocco (£69)

“A stylised version of Marrakesh with minarets, houses, an old Roman wall, I think, and the Atlas Mountains, as well as the trees. It was an attempt to give a quick impression of a city from above. The inspiration was in fact a Malene Birger silk scarf which I have and which has pictures of 25 cities in pink and yellow on a white background with a bit of black lining for definition, and it demonstrates a great way to give a quick pictorial impression of a city. This picture is all in felt pen, with water pen to spread the ink and indelible black ink. It could have been done on location but was not!”


The Art of Travel Exhibition A city from above – Marrakesh Fiona Kempton
The Art of Travel Exhibition - Women in Marrakesh, Morocco Pen & watercolour Catherine Cammaer

Women – Marrakesh, Morocco Pen & watercolour (£49)

“In the vibrant streets of Marrakesh, women may not always take centre stage, but they are the dynamic forces behind their families, emerging entrepreneurs, and trusted guides through the bustling maze of the medina. With the captivating series ‘Saveurs de Marrakesh,’ I seek to celebrate the extraordinary women who thrive in masculine societies, paying homage to their resilience, strength, and unwavering spirit. This is a pen & watercolour creation.”


Morocco (£69)


The Art of Travel - Moroccan painting Mamie Pitt
Palm Trees - Morocco - Jude Chalk

Palm Trees – Morocco (£69)

“Painted in watercolour with ink Inspired by looking up at the trees in the Majorelle Garden, Marrakesh – how the height of them dwarfed everything else as they soared skywards, I submitted them just because I love drawing palm trees, so I was in heaven in Morocco!”


Circles – Morocco (£69)

“This image was taken during the Pilates in Morocco group in November 2022. Though Mandy was our Pilates instructor, Mark Holden from the previous group, which was the art-themed session, had stayed a few days longer and overlapped with our stay. During the tour of the nearby sculpture gardens, Anima Garden, Mark Holden the photograph teacher set us the challenge of taking photographs of ‘circles’. We all went about the gardens taking photos with our iPhones and this was one taken that morning. In the evening, we set about critiquing all of the photos, which resulted in a very philosophical discussion of what constitutes a ‘circle’.”


Circles Morocco Debbie Owen
View from Kasbah Bab Ourika Fiona Kempton

View from Kasbah Bab Ourika – Morocco (£49)

“A quick sketch from the garden of the Kasbah Bab Ourika on the day we had lunch there in March 2023. It is in felt pen for the sky and black fountain pen with a water pen and indelible black pen. The mountains were magnificent, still covered in snow after the recent storms, and the rivers were running with snow melt. It was important to capture the image before the heat haze obscured the mountains for the rest of the year. “


Morocco (£69)

“I took this photo in Morocco in March 2023. On a combined pilates and painting week. The photo task for the day was circles. We had just had a pilates class, using magic circles, and so that inspired me to join the task. The villa is a truly magical place, and to view it through the circle, focuses the eye, to look further in. Pilates & photography, mind and body combo.”


Magic circles Morocco Mandy Parr
The Art of Travel Exhibition A stunning villa near Marrakesh Anne Armstrong

A stunning villa near Marrakesh (£69)

It was taken at the stunning villa near Marrakesh. I was inspired by the architecture and how it plays with the light as well as the stunning colour contrast against the most amazing blue sky. The furniture and huge glazed doors gave me a true sense of bringing inside outside.


Marrakech – Nov 2022 (£69)


Marrakech couple viewing a garden Daniel Develay
The Art of Travel Exhibition Marrakech Market Daniel Develay

Marrakech – Nov 2022 (£69)


Ourika Monday market – Ourika, Marrakesh (£69)


Ourika Monday market Kate Grossman

The Art of Travel exhibition has been a vehicle to not only showcase some of the amazing artwork by our Amici but also, more importantly, to support and highlight the amazing work that Maggie’s does. Maggie’s is a charity providing free cancer support and information in centres across the UK and online and is very close to our hearts. Please contact us should you want to purchase any of the art above; the art is a print of the original and comes framed.

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