Art of Travel Exhibition – Sicily

The Art of Travel Exhibition showcases some of the best artwork of our Amicis. Have a look at some of the art and photographs created on our painting holidays and photography holidays. If you wish to purchase any of the art below please contact the Flavours Office by email – or by calling us on 0131 343 2500.

We are supporting Maggies. Maggie’s is a charity providing free cancer support and information in centres across the UK and online.

The Art of Travel Exhibition Villa Aragonese, Sicily Ann Chapman

Photograph of the gate – Villa Aragonese, Sicily (£49)

“I discovered this unused entrance gate on my holiday at Villa Aragonese, Sicily. The curved arch of the gate was framed by a wonderful natural archway of pink Bougainvillea, and it was my inspiration for a painting for the exhibition on our final evening in Sicily.”


Modica Doorway – Modica, Sicily (£69)

“I love the little passageways, steps, and doorways of Modica, and I especially appreciate all the baroque ironwork to be seen on balconies and doors everywhere. I chose a vivid palette to celebrate the vibrancy of Sicily. This is a watercolour painting with added details in ink.”


Modica Doorway, Sicily ANNE CUNNIFFE
Dress Rehearsal in Modica Anne Cunniffe

Dress Rehearsal in Modica – Sicily (£69)

“I caught this special moment, as a photo on my phone, in the evening on a Flavours sketching excursion led by Mark Holden to the beautiful baroque city of Modica in Sicily. I wanted to contrast the freshness of youth with the antique charm of the building and how art and beauty are forever entwined in Italy. The technique used is oil on canvas paper.”


Lemons (£49)

“The lemons were on a tree outside our accommodation in the villa we stayed in during our Flavours watercolour painting holiday. The style was an experiment after the tutor, Mark Holden, showed us a film on different artists through the ages. This was an attempt at an impressionist style that he showed us. The technique used was the ‘dry on wet’ method: using wet paper and adding dry paint.”


Lemons Anne Jenner
The Art of Travel Exhibition Old Tuna Fishing Boat John Ellis

Old Tuna Fishing Boat – Marzamemi, Sicily (£49)

“This is a watercolour painting. Painted on the quayside of Marmzamemi Harbour at a temperature of 30C+ – so the paint dried quickly and thickly. The boat was moored in a corner of the harbour near the stone quay. I was attracted by the boat’s shape and the oily texture of the water.”


Sicily holiday – October 2022 (£69)

“This watercolour landscape is a view from the roof of the villa in Sicily. It was a peaceful warm sunny morning and I was in the shade of a tree, an ideal setup for plein air painting which is what I enjoy most. I amended the composition so that the road continues off to the right which I felt improved the balance. Our tutor Sophie had introduced me to wax resist, and to get the texture of the light catching the wall on the left-hand side I applied some tea-light candle wax before painting. The painting took about two hours to complete. “


From the roof of the villa in Sicily Ray Jones
Pool at the villa Sharon Stirling

My first Flavours holiday in Sicily (£49)

“This watercolour picture reminds me of my first flavours holiday in Sicily. My husband and I shared a villa with like-minded yogis and artists, including ‘three-day Ray’ and Linda. Mealtimes were such fun. The artists were inspired by our excellent tutor Sophie. Generally, the yoga students could be found lazing around the gorgeous pool at the villa.”


The Art of Travel exhibition has been a vehicle to not only showcase some of the amazing artwork by our Amici but also, more importantly, to support and highlight the amazing work that Maggie’s does. Maggie’s is a charity providing free cancer support and information in centres across the UK and online and is very close to our hearts. Please contact us should you want to purchase any of the art above; the art is a print of the original and comes framed.

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