How to Balance Mind & Body with Pilates

Stress is a reality of a busy lifestyle; rushing around, being distracted by thoughts, feeling exhausted and stressed. This can have drastic consequences on your mental and physical health. Whilst many of us already know the positive impact Pilates can have on the body – many aren’t aware of the astonishing effects it has on our minds, too.

So why is a Pilates holiday such a perfect opportunity to balance body and mind?

Focus & Awareness

How often do you find yourself thinking about what you have to do in the future, leaving you feel stressed and distracted? A regular, moderate exercise programme is the perfect way to release this stress.

Pilates focuses on slow, controlled and precise movements through concentration and mindfulness. The breathing method used in Pilates encourages relaxation which consequently leads to a decrease in stress levels and anxiety; helping the mind to let go of the thoughts we are normally occupied with.


Balancing thoughts for a healthy body

How often do we refer to someone who causes us stress or simply gets on our nerves as a “pain in the neck”? We quite literally feel our emotions.

Negative thoughts such as sadness, stress and worries we can be reflected by our physical demeanour and Pilates is the perfect way to rebalance the body, helping undo the body tensions.

Improved mental health by feeling physically well

Just as the mind influences the body; the body also has a big impact on our mental state. Bad posture, back pain or general discomfort can have negative effects on our state of mind.

Small improvements such as working on your posture can already be extremely uplifting; leading to an improved self-image and higher self-esteem.

Pilates instructor demonstrating Pilates pose to guests at pool

Escape from every day distractions

To really be able and slow down your mind, it is important to find a place of stillness that allows you to escape from your everyday distractions. A gorgeous setting helps of course to recharge your batteries and let yourself indulge in the moment.

Healthy food, inspiring teachers and beautiful sunshine will all contribute to a much more relaxed and revitalised you. Pilates in Italy is the perfect relief from daily stress and connectivity whilst incorporating all the great health benefits of the exercise programme.

Is there much more you could ask for from a holiday?

group of guests doing pilates beside swimming pool

Did we miss something?

Comment below if you want to add something to the article or have other great Pilates tips you would like to share with us! To find out more about our inspiring Pilates holidays in Italy contact our wonderful experts here.

To see all dates, destinations and availability or learn more about the benefits of Pilates in Italy, you can also download our 2017 brochure here. 

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