Beginners Guide to Authentic Italian Food

Everyone knows that Italy is the capital of food. Whilst pizza, pasta and pesto come to mind when thinking of authentic Italian food,  not everyone knows that Italy’s specialities are intensely regional. Dishes considered traditional in one place of Italy, might be unheard of 100 miles down the road. This causes confusion and we often get asked by our cooking holiday guests what food to expect on the different cookery courses.

To bring some clarity into Italy’s food jungle, we put together our beginners’ guide to authentic Italian food to mark the start of our Italian food guide series!  The map will show you how to eat like a local in Italy and what to expect when joining us on our Italian cooking holidays. Join us on an inspiring food journey by clicking through our food guide below and get an overview of the mouth-watering flavours of Italy!

Italian Food Guide – How to eat like a local in Italy

Which Italian flavours will you be trying next?

Whether it’s the hearty flavours of Tuscany or the exotic spices of Sicily, our cookery holidays allow you to taste the authentic flavours of Italy’s regional cuisine. Let us know below which of the regional foods you’d like to try. To start planning your next Italian food escape get in touch – we’d love to help you with your plans! Simply contact our friendly team or download our holiday brochure here.

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