Pasta with Bell Pepper Pesto Recipe

Simple and tasty Italian recipe – perfect for the summer!


    • 350 g. of mezze maniche rigate (that is, lined tube-shaped pasta);
    • 150 g. of red onion and bell peppers pesto
    • a yellow pepper
    • a green pepper
    • a spoon of extra virgin olive oil
    • some parsley leaves
    • 40 g. of grated pecorino


    1. Empty, wash and chop the bell peppers, then stir-fry them on a non stick pan with a drizzle of olive oil in it. While the peppers cook over a low heat, add some red onion and bell peppers pesto.

    2. Boil water, put in a pinch of salt and cook 350 g. of mezze maniche rigate, stir until it becomes al dente and strain. Now, put it in a pan with some cooking water and pan-fry.

    3. Finally add some ground parsley and 40 g. of grated pecorino.


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