What are the benefits of a photography holiday

What are the Benefits of a Photography Holiday

For those that are ready to take their camera off the ‘AUTO’ setting and learn the skills to capture Tuscany’s rolling hills, or Sicily’s infamous ancient ruins, or even Amalfi’s dramatic cliffs tops, then a photography holiday just might be for you. And for those that are unsure if a photography holiday is right for them then I encourage you to read on to find out why a photography holiday will benefit you.

Opportunity to meet like minded people

A holiday is a perfect way to meet new people. On an activity holiday, like photography, the greatest perk is that it gives you the opportunity to find other people with similar interests. Interests that you can share with each other over a glass of local wine and some delicious food. These friendships can last a lifetime – beyond your holiday – and with your newly-improved photography skills, you are able to capture these treasurable moments. Wild romantic photography agrees that there is a story behind every image.

A group of guest capturing images on their photography holiday

You might be able to learn a thing or two from one another!

Immerse yourself in a new culture

Flavours holidays gives you a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself with the locals and truly absorb Italy’s culture quirks. Fortunately the locals tend to be very tolerant of the cameras – except those curmudgeonly codgers – but even so, you’ll be able to capture some inspiring portraits as well as many breath taking landscapes on your photography holiday in Italy. There’s no better way to add some variation into your work than taking that authentic snapshot of the new scenery around you. A holiday provides that perfect, relaxed environment that helps get your creative juices flowing that is needed to shake up your portfolio.

A group of guests taking a picture of the local markets

Do you think our guests blend in as locals?

Take home a new skill

The most obvious benefit of a photography holiday would be improving your camera skills. And with an expert photography tutor on hand, taking that perfect shot couldn’t be so easy. You’ll get to see what equipment other people use and their different approaches to photography. Flavours photography tutor, Tony, always encourages his guests, “Don’t just look at what’s in front of you, look up and look down, there are many things that you’ll miss otherwise”. You can find out Tony’s 5 top tips for ‘someone who is wanting to take up photography’ by reading one of our previous blog posts. And with your new-improved knowledge and skills, you can take home to your family an authentic glimpse of your holiday with pictures…that are in focus!

A guests photo of the beautiful landscape in Tuscany

A beautiful picture of Tuscany captured by a guest – Stephen Hobbs

Learn a new hobby

Formed from light explains, the reasons as to why photography is an excellent ‘hobby that anyone can get into’. A photography holiday is great for any first time photographers that are interested in learning a new hobby. There is no level required to join us on our activity holidays, they are for everyone to enjoy! Photographer Tony once said “Break the rules from time to time, try different things. Photography, no matter if for profit or fun, should be enjoyable”. Our tutors encourage creativity and are there to boost your confidence behind the camera. At the end of the day, no two photographs are the same, so it never gets boring!

A guest capturing the hills of Tuscany on their photography holiday

How could you get bored of this scenery?

What our tutor has to say about a photography holiday

One of our photography tutors, Patrick, explains “For the first time in history we all own a camera which we carry around with us most of the time, on our phone. But do we know the ins and outs of the camera? Probably not, and yet the principles of photography have not changed since the Kodak Brownie. In other words, how can we master the machine? Go back to basics. And a week abroad, in a beautiful environment, provides the ideal location – and the perfect picture opportunity.”

Is a photography holiday beneficial for you?

Yes! No matter your age, level, or experience, a photography holiday benefits everybody. These holidays  give you the chance to improve your social connections, by meeting and getting to know people with similar passions. Photography holidays boost your creativity and improves your camera skills in a relaxed environment whilst you snap the beautiful landscapes that Italy has to offer.

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    1. Hi Avril
      Based on our experiences this year running a range of photography holidays – a decent smart phone camera is now able to take really high quality photos.
      Hope that helps.
      The Flavours Holidays Team

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