Italian Food Is Gluten-Free and Vegetarian

With almost 5% of the UK’s population claiming themselves as vegetarian, and a huge interest in gluten-free diets there really is a demand to cater around these needs. Italy is the perfect place for that! Who would have thought that it is such a vegetarian and gluten-free paradise?

Italy is gluten-free heaven

It might come as a surprise, but the land of pasta and pizza is a great destination for those suffering from the Coeliac disease. The level of awareness about a gluten free diet amongst the Italian population really is astonishing. This makes Italy maybe the best place to travel to! There are many gluten free food alternatives and subsidies, so you will still be able to taste the authentic flavours of Italy on your holiday. We’ve catered for guests with gluten free dietary requirements for years so our cooking holidays to Italy are a fantastic opportunity for you to try out new dishes whilst inspiring your gluten free cooking! You can watch the video with our Italian chef Carla below to see how we can cater for gluten free diets on our Italian cookery holidays!

What about Vegetarians?

But not only is Italy great for gluten free food, but also for all things vegetarian. Nearly all of the meat (and fish) dishes can be subsidised with Italy’s plentiful range of delicious vegetables. So, why not try one of Carla’s aubergine balls on your next holiday to Italy? To find out more about our cooking courses in Italy, why not contact our team today?

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