Homemade limoncello recipe

Limoncello is not only an all time favourite drink, so you can’t go wrong and fail to impress, but also quite simple to make. This recipe is the authentic limoncello recipe our Italian chefs are using so if you want to learn how you can make your homemade limoncello keep reading.


    • 10 lemons, ideally “Sfusato Amalfitano”
    • 1 lt pure Alcohol 95%
    • 1 Kg Sugar
    • 1 lt Water


    1. Wash and dry the lemons. Peel them, being careful to cut only the skin and not the white pith underneath.

    2. Put the lemon peel in a sterilized jar and add the alcohol.

    3. Put the sealed jar in a cool, dark place and shake it once a day. Leave to marinate at least 3 days.

    4. On the third day prepare the syrup by dissolving the sugar in boiling water.

    5. When the syrup is cool, add the alcohol and the lemon peels from the jar and mix well.

    6. Pour the mixture in clean and dry bottles using either a sieve or a piece of muslin to filter the lemon peels.

    7. Leave the sealed bottles in a dark place for three weeks and pop in the freezer before serving.


    fresh lemons hanging on tree in amalfi

    *If you can’t find 95% alcohol, you can use 1 litre of vodka instead. Just change the syrup ingredients to 750ml water and 750g sugar instead and make as normal.



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