How to prevent travel sickness when flying abroad

How to prevent travel sickness when flying abroad

Now that the pandemic has quietened down and travel is back up and running, you might find yourself travelling more often. Most people hate travelling and majority of the time, not the destination they hate but the travelling itself. Some feel restless, uncomfortable, cramped, bored or even ill. If you are someone who gets travel sickness on a flight or a long car journey, there are a few problems that can be solved.

Avoid big meals

First off, you’re going to want to avoid eating a big meal before travelling. When travelling on an airplane, you are 400,000 ft in the sky meaning that the air pressure is a lot lower than it is at sea. Being high up in the air will expand gasses which is why your stomach might start to feel uncomfortable. You want to avoid eating foods that have sugar in them and eat foods with high protein. A banana or orange is your best friend when travelling on an airplane. A banana is filled with potassium which will regulate your blood pressure and oranges are full of vitamin C which will help boost immunity. Stay away from spicy and greasy foods and limit your salt intake as well since flights can be very dehydrating. 

A view looking into a bistro at an airport

A little airport snack won’t hurt… but don’t overdo it!

Keep yourself hydrated to avoid travel sickness

You will also want to keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water, no alcohol. The alcohol will be waiting for you at your villa! Drinking water keeps you hydrated and also keeps you moving. You want to keep moving on a flight and giving yourself a walk to the toilet gives your body a chance to move and stretch. It’s important to keep hydrated as your body isn’t getting the fresh air it usually does. If you don’t drink enough water whilst flying, it can exaggerate your jet lag. This will not be a fun start to your holiday. 

A woman drinking water to keep herself hydrated

Hydration is key!

Ever thought about bringing a mini-fan with you?

Another way to prevent getting travel sickness on a flight is to bring a mini fan. Seeing as you are up in the air, you will not be able to get fresh air as you can’t open any windows. Bringing a mini fan on the plane with you can help keep you cool. Mini fans are designed to keep you feeling cool and comfortable by providing a nice, gentle breeze without taking up a lot of space, so these are ideal to pack in your hand luggage. The mini fans are usually priced between £10 – £20 and can be bought online or in stores. Some symptoms of travel sickness is sweating, keeping a mini fan on you is very handy. Not only will this cool you down but it will also increase air circulation which helps with any symptoms of motion sickness that may arise. 

A small portable mini fan that can be used anywhere

A mini fan is possibly one of the greatest investments!

Audio books are always a good idea (or download your favourite podcast)

You may think reading a book or looking at a digital screen may help you however, in reality it can make your travel sickness worse. The best option to take if you are wanting to read is to download an audio book to listen to. Doing this can help you relax and you can focus on a spot to stare at instead of your eyes looking at different places at one time which could make you very dizzy when flying. We suggest staying away from thrillers, mystery novels or stories about flying, read something light and cheerful to keep your mind off of flying

A woman listening to an audio book off of her tablet

Switch off from reality and listen to an audio book on your flight

Find out more about travel sickness…

Hopefully these methods help your next flight a little less stressful and relaxes you. It’s not a nice feeling flying with travel sickness. We wish you all the best on your travels and if you have any concerns about travel sickness, look at the NHS guide to motion sickness for more details. 

These are some of our tips to make your next flight feel a little better. For more information or help please get expert advice from your GP.

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