Meet the Flavours modern apprentices

Hi there, we are Amy Canfield and Martyna Potiopa and we are digital marketing modern apprentices at Flavours Holidays. This role entails putting Flavours Holidays out into the digital media world, managing the socials for the company including writing this blog. We have thoroughly enjoyed our first few weeks at Flavours.

Our first fortnight at Flavours

Modern apprentices cooking

Modern apprentices cooking (Amy, Left. Martyna, Right.)

In our first week, we were involved with the online classes that Flavours experiences has to offer. This includes painting, cooking and Pilates. We attended Louise’s cooking class which included courgette terrine and strawberry mousse. The both of us adored this class just as much as the food itself! Louise’s recipes were very quick and easy to follow, we highly recommend her cooking classes. Doing this gave us a great understanding of what we will be promoting as well as having the opportunity to meet the instructors and Flavours amici.

During week two, we visited some of the company’s guests at their accommodation in the beautiful Carlowrie Castle. While we were there, we created social media posts on Flavours Holidays social media accounts as well as taking care of our guests. On the Tuesday, we took a trip to South Queensferry with the guests and were able to take some great shots while they were painting.

The guests loved their visit to South Queensferry as the weather was unreal! The following day, we had the pleasure to invite our guests to the Flavours office in Edinburgh where a painting class was led by Mark Holden. They had the opportunity to get out and about in Dean village and paint the landscapes surrounding them.

Our lovely painting tutor at Carlowrie Castle

Painting tutor Mark Holden

Week 3 and DOH! It is all about Italian bread making.

Focaccia bread

Learn how to make focaccia bread

We decided to create a step-by-step reel to post on Flavours Holidays Instagram. We had never made our own bread before, so this was a new experience to the both of us. Our Focaccia did not turn out to look like Jane’s Focaccia however, it was still delicious! Our content was so fun to make, and we enjoyed every minute of baking the Focaccia thanks to Jane making her video’s very easy to follow. Cooking is neither one of our strong points which made the whole experience very fun, we had challenge ourselves to make sure, our Focaccia bread looked exactly like Jane’s Focaccia bread. As you can see, we failed this challenge but didn’t fail to enjoy ourselves!


Modern Apprentices

Modern Apprentices in chair reading books (Amy, Left. Martyna, Right.)

Martyna Potiopa reflects on her experience with Flavours:

Martyna said: “The first few weeks have been a great experience. Being able to take part in online classes during the first week gave me a great idea of exactly what flavours has to offer. Doing a water colour painting class with Michael was interesting and gave me an understanding about basic watercolour as he was able to cater for beginners. During the second week we had the opportunity to meet our guests while they were on holiday at Carlowrie Castle. Meeting the guests was a good way of learning about their needs to ensure they have a relaxing and carefree holiday. I managed to take a few photos for the Flavours Instagram which featured on their page. I really enjoy creating various campaigns and social media posts and hope to expand my knowledge further during the next few weeks at Flavours Holidays”

Amy Canfield looks back:

She said: “My first weeks have been brilliant; I’ve loved every minute working at Flavours. I could not get over how good the Pilates class was. That was my first time ever doing Pilates exercises and I felt really energised afterwards, I hope this is something I can do again in the future. During week two I had the pleasure of taking a trip to South Queensferry with some guests and create some content for Flavours social media platforms and meet our amici which was a lovely experience. The weather that week could not have been more perfect! I am looking forward to my own future with Flavours and the opportunities to grow within the digital marketing industry.”

What more could you ask for in your first weeks at a new job? We have been so lucky to experience this apprenticeship. Not everyone ends up loving their job, which is why we are even more thankful for the opportunity. In the past few weeks, we have both grown and learned so much within ourselves and the company. It only gets better from here. If you want to keep up to date with Flavours, follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.




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