Pappardelle stuffed with peas and mascarpone

Stuffed pappardelle is a modern pasta, invented not long ago. This is typically known as LORDA (dirty) because the pasta is not filled with the stuffing but just “stained” with it. It used to be prepared with what was left over from the filling of cappelletti, which is the most rich and famous pasta from Emilia Romagna.

This recipe serves 4.

You will need:

A wooden board

Rolling pin,

Blender or a mixer

Pasta cutter or a knife

For the pasta:

200g tender grain 00 flour (plain flour)

2 eggs

For the stuffing:

200g peas (fresh or frozen)

100g mascarpone

30g butter

For the sauce:

100ml cream

80g pancetta

Parmigiano to grate on top

30g butter



Pour the flour onto a board and make a well in the middle.

Break the 2 eggs in the middle of the well.

Mix the egg and the flour with a fork, then use your hands when the mixture is not too sticky.

Work the dough until it is smooth.

Place it in a plastic bag and let it rest at least 15 minutes (This way the gluten will settle and it will be easier to roll it)


Preparing the stuffing for the pappardelle:

Dice the onion quite small and place it in a pan with some butter to soften.

After a few minutes add the peas and add some salt and pepper.

(If they were frozen peas they will release quite a lot of water. If you are using fresh peas add some water if it is needed)

Cover the pan if the peas are fresh. After about 10 minutes the peas should be cooked.

You can then blend them with an electric blender or a mixer.

Now add the mascarpone to melt and mix well to the mashed peas.

If the mixture is too wet add a bit of grated parmigiano to obtain a thicker consistency.

The stuffing will have to be quite thick.


For the pappardelle sauce:

Cook the pancetta in a hot non stick pan.

When the slices are crunchy take them off the pan and break them into smaller pieces.

In the same pan add some butter to melt and then the cream to reduce.

When the sauce is a bit thicker, it is ready for the pasta to be saute into it.


Rolling the dough:

Turn the dough around while you are stretching it, so that it will be even and very thin.

When it is thin enough and rounded, spread the stuffing on half of it using a fork.

(It has to be a very thin layer of stuffing)

Cover the filling with the remaining pasta half and pat it down to remove as much air possible.

Now pierce some holes in the pasta using a fork and seal the edges.

Cut the pasta into strips 1 cm wide and about 7-10 cm long.

(To make sure they will seal well you should use a pasta cutter. It will cut the strips and also seal them)

The pasta is now ready to be boiled in boiling salted water.

(Depending on how many people you are preparing this for, you can decide to freeze the amount of the pasta left, making sure it doesn’t stick to each other)

After about 8 minutes, rinse it and saute it into the sauce.

Add the crunchy pancetta on top.

Serve it with a lot of parmigiano.

Enjoy it!

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