Pilates Retreat in Italy – A Sense of Wellbeing

So, you might have limited Pilates experience or may even attend weekly lessons at your local gym, but why should you pack your bag, grab your passport and commit to an Italian Pilates retreat? We had a look at the top reasons our guests join us on a Pilates holiday in Italy!

The setting doesn’t compare!

Ditch the studio surrounded by weights and glaring gazes from other gym members for the tranquil poolside of one of our villas. Very rarely do we get the weather in the UK to benefit from a weeks outdoor exercise. Flavour Pilates instructor, Catherine Crompton, says “There’s nothing better than telling my clients to float their arms up to the bright blue sky and really meaning it!”

guests doing pilates by pool in sun

Live life like it should be.

We are constantly told life is about balance, but hectic work schedules and commitments often mean the best things about life are missed out. Our Pilates holidays allow you to take a break from it all and balance exercise, cooking, sightseeing and time to relax by the pool.

Become an expert!

Taking part in regular Pilates classes at home can be enjoyable and rewarding, but without being immersed in the experience hinders how fast you progress. A week of Pilates classes in Italy provides the perfect amount of time to pick up lots of tips and techniques, but more importantly, time to practise them! Spend a week with our Flavours instructors and you’ll see a world of difference in your Pilates exercises.

Pilates students with tutor by pool in Sicily

Say goodbye to back pain.

Back pain is a common encouragement for some to start Pilates. Often, this can be alleviated but with many people spending hours sitting at a desk daily, it can be quite hard to shift. The health benefits of a week long Pilates getaway are infinitely greater than quick lessons in your local gym.

Learn more in a small group.

Our Flavours team prides itself in providing a personal service to small groups in our villas. You won’t get lost in the crowd and will be surprised how much you can learn in a week from our Body Control qualified Pilates instructors.

5 Pilates guests outside in Tuscany

Would you like to swap the local gym with some Italian sunshine for a week? We can help! Simply contact our team here to help you with your holiday plans or, to learn more about our retreats, check our website here – and who knows, you might soon experience the benefits of a revitalising Pilates holiday under the Italian sun yourself!

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