Quick and Easy Pasta Recipe

This recipe from our cooking holidays in Italy shows you how simple it can be to make fresh pasta at home! So, if you would like to know how to eat authentic food like a local Italian then follow our easy step-by-step guide below. For the real taste of Italy, serve the fresh pasta with our authentic Sicilian red pesto!

How to make Fresh Italian Pasta

Ingredients (for one portion)

100 gr flour (half semolino and half “00” flour)

1 egg

1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil

Step 1 – Put the flour on the pastry board. Make a well in the center and fill with the egg.cookery-class-fresh-italian-pasta

Step 2 – Add olive oil and start incorporating the flour with the eggs slowly until the mix becomes one even dough. mixing-pasta-dough-italian-cooking-class

Step 3 – Knead dough for a few minutes until dough feels soft and smoothcooking-guest-kneading-pasta-dough

Step 4 – Cover the pasta well with cling film and let sit for half an hour.fresh-pasta-dough

Step 5 – Roll the dough with a rolling pin until flat. cooking-guests-rolling-out-pasta-dough

Step 6 – Cut the dough into desired shape.cutting-pasta-dough-into-shape

Step 7 – Boil your fresh pasta in slightly salted water for 1 – 3 minutes until al dentefresh-tagliatelle-pasta

Enjoy the pasta with some red pesto from Sicily. The pesto is only one of many delicious products in our new Christmas hamper which makes a fantastic Christmas gift for any food lover. Want to find out more about our Italian gift hampers? Then visit our shop here.

Buon Appetito!

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