4 Top Secrets to a Healthy Italian Lifestyle

Italians stay healthier than most other Europeans. In fact, the European Union suggests that Italian women manage to avoid ageing illnesses for up to 14 years longer than Brits. Italian men outlive their British counterparts by 10 years. One might think that a country famous for enjoying “La Dolce Vida”cannot be a pioneer of health. Mistaken! Here are the 4 top secrets to why Italians are ahead of us when it comes down to staying healthy.

italian female chef with fresh vegetables laughing

Taking time for food

First and foremost, the Italians celebrate their eating ritual. Spending time with family and friends while eating is almost as important as the food itself. Instead of quickly rushing to a supermarket to grab the next available sandwich and then gobble it straight down, Italians enjoy to cook themselves as much as possible. Eating is more than just reloading their fuels. In Italy, you take the time and spend it with friends and family. Taking time for & pleasure in presenting and consuming food makes life just so much sweeter – and Italians know that.

The power of fresh food

However, celebrating the ritual of eating is not the only reason why Italy is on top of the health table. Fresh and nutritious ingredients such as fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds and olive oil and less red meat consumption have an enormous impact on your well-being. This leads to greater health benefits. The so called “Mediterranean Diet” has been proven to reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

The joys of red wine…

Of course, we can’t forget about the obligatory drink accompanying the meal: Red wine. Consumed in moderation (this means no more than one glass per day) lowers the risk of heart attacks while also reducing your cholesterol levels. Another important beverage in Italian culture, Espresso, proves to be a healthy choice. A lovely brewed Espresso contains more healthy antioxidants than coffee made by other brewing methods.

Tips to increase the enjoyment of cooking & eating

• Try fresh, local ingredients. A good way of purchasing fresh food is to find a farmers’ market close to you.
• Make time for your friends and family twice a week and cook for them. This way you enjoy tasty food with good company.

The seemingly never ending sunshine must be a factor leading to the overall contentedness of Italians. Unfortunately, we cannot change the amount of sunshine in the UK. However, we can take you to there. Check out our late availability and have a flavours of “La Dolce Vita” in Italy.

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