Quick and Easy Sweet Italian Fritters

Delicious sweet Italian fritters in a bowl

How to make sweet Italian fritters

It’s carnival season in Italy! These sweet Italian Fritters, also known as Sfrappole, is delicious, fragrant, and rich in orange flavour. Each region has its own variation such as this one from Emilia-Romagna. This is the perfect treat to serve as a snack or at the end of a meal. These are one of the best carnival desserts!

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  • 250g 00 flour (or plain flour)
  • 1 eggs
  • 5g baking powder (optional)
  • 80g icing sugar
  • a nut of butter
  • 20 ml glass of Cognac or Rum
  • 50 ml orange juice
  • Frying oil


1. Mix the flour, baking powder and a spoon of sugar.

2. Make a large well on a flat surface.

3. Break the eggs in the middle of the well and using a fork , work the egg like if you have to prepare scrambled eggs.

4. Next add the ½ glass of Cognac or Rum.

5. Squeeze the orange and add the juice to the dough.

6. Now mix the egg and the flour with a fork, you can use your hands just when the mixture is not too sticky.

7. Add the soft butter to the mixture.

8. Work the dough until it is smooth.

9. Place it in a plastic bag and let it rest for at least 15 minutes.

10. This way the gluten will settle and it will be easier to roll it.

11. Now it is time to roll the dough using the rolling pin.

12. Turn the dough around while you are stretching it, so that it will be even and very thin.

13. When it is thin enough, a few mm thick, you can cut it.

14. Cut the pasta into oblongs and slice each piece in the middle.

15. Then fold one end through this cut and make a kind of bow.

16. Warm the frying oil and when it is ready fry the sfrappole just a few at the time.

17. Sfrappole needs to be crisp but not brown

18. Sprinkle some icing sugar on top

They are good even when it’s cold!

Enjoy them, and Buon Carnevale!!


Enjoyed the sweet Italian fritters recipe?

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