Top 5 Tips When Painting Outside

With the Biennale in full swing, all we can think about is one thing: Venice. Over centuries the festival has been one of the world’s most prestigious cultural institutions and is most certainly one of those “must-visits” for any Italy lover. Some of our lucky guests will experience the cultural highlight of the year on their painting holiday in Venice. To prepare them for their trip, we asked painting tutor Adrian Wiszniewski to pass on some tips for painting outside

painting students on a holiday in venice

Be comfortable

Adrian recommends being as focused as possible on your artwork. One way of doing this is removing the distraction of discomfort. Wear comfortable clothes and dress for the weather. You don’t want to be pulling at a tight top or constantly rolling up a loose sleeve. Beware the possibility of a cool breeze and don’t forget the sunscreen!


Be Flexible

If you’ve painted before, you might have a few favourite brush-strokes, techniques and colours. Adrian tells guests to be as adaptable as possible as you never know what you will find. A painting holiday should be about new experiences, so don’t be afraid to challenge your artistic skills.


Don’t let the paper blind you.

It may sound a bit odd, but take time to admire the view and not just your masterpiece. It’s a bit like going to a concert and watching through the lens of your Smartphone or camera. You are on holiday to experience Italy’s beautiful scenery and culture, so don’t let it pass you by. In doing so, you’ll find your painting is a detailed reminder of the experiences you have while away.

Beautiful painting of venice gondola and canal


Don’t get fixated on the end product

According to Adrian the most rewarding thing about painting is the process of discovery, not the end product. Don’t rush yourself into completing a painting. Take time to try new things, explore the landscape and your artistic skills.


‘Embrace the natural’

“You are doing something that is natural; people have been doing it for 35 thousand years!” Adrian says. There are no right and wrongs in painting. Your artwork is yours and it is up to you what inspires your creation and how you decide to use your brush.

Venice water ways at night


It’s up to you!

Do you have any tips for painting outside you would like to share? We would love to hear from you, simply comment below. And, if you want to test Adrian’s tips in Italy this year, why not check out our painting holidays in Italy or contact our Flavours team today here?

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