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Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end and autumn will be upon us quickly. Who wouldn’t want to run from the dreariness that surrounds us and charge their cells with the last rays of sunshine? Escape the rain and travel to Italy this autumn. It is a wonderful place if you enjoy warm temperatures and fantastic food. Here’s a look at what Italy has to offer in autumn.


Amalfi Coast

  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Rain-icon.jpg 81 mm
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Thermometer-icon.jpg   21 Degrees
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Sun-icon_20140902-175720_1.jpg 10 hrs Sunshine

The infamous Amalfi coast has already enchanted so many of our cooking holiday guests. Its charming villages, set amongst dramatic cliffs, are a feast for everybody’s eyes and souls. When the summer ends and autumn begins the extraordinary scenery convinces with a festival of warm colours that ring in the changing season. Filled with culinary and religious highlights, autumn is the perfect time to visit the Costiera Amalfitana.

Seasonal produce

  •   Chestnuts
  •   Broccoli rabé
  •   Olives
  •   Limoncello

Festive Highlights

  •  Festa della Castagna

The chestnut tree covered village of Scala on the Amalfi Coast celebrates its local produce with a chestnut festival in October.

  •   Festa del Pesce

On the last Saturday in September, to mark the end of the summer season on the AmalfiCoast, a Fish Festival is held on Positano’s Fornillo beach.



  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Rain-icon.jpg 62 mm
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Thermometer-icon.jpg   22 Degrees
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Sun-icon_20140902-175720_1.jpg 10 hrs Sunshine

Twisted olive trees, orchards of citrus trees, big white farmhouses and golden stone towns – that’s Puglia for you. Autumn in Puglia can be relatively hot but the streets will be quieter than in high season while the sea is heated up from the hot summer days. So, autumn is surely an ideal season for travelling to Puglia and enjoying its breathtaking landscapes. Being known for its agricultural history, a journey to Puglia at the end of summer is also perfect for food lovers as it offers rich vegetables and fresh fish sold directly from boats.

Seasonal produce

  •   Sea food
  •   Variety of vegetables & fruit
  •   New extra virgin olive oil

Festive highlights

  • Grape Harvest & New Wine

Puglia in autumn is perfect for anyone who loves wine. The exciting wine season offers plenty of activities to do while tasting prestigious wines such as Primitivo, Negramaro and Malvasia

  • San Martino Feast

November 11th marks a special day in Italy that is widely celebrated in the Puglian region. Feast Day of San Martino, patron saint of wine and wine making, is the day when the first sips of vino novello can be tasted.



  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Rain-icon.jpg 28 mm
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Thermometer-icon.jpg   24 Degrees
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Sun-icon_20140902-175720_1.jpg 11 hrs Sunshine


A view of Modica's stunning architecture by night

Sicily is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, ancient history and heavenly weather. That’s why it can be very crowded during the hot summer months. September as well as the rest of the autumn months are therefore the perfect time to visit the island and escape the hectic period. Travelling to Sicily in autumn gives you the chance to fully enjoy the breathtaking surroundings while warming up under the warm Sicilian autumn sun.

Seasonal produce

  • Pistachios
  • Honey
  • Nuts
  • Mushrooms
  • Pears

Festive Highlights

  • Sherbeth Festival

A must for everyone who loves ice-cream. Enjoy the best creations of artisanal ice-cream and granita producers while being entertained by concerts and other events.

  • Feast of the Dead

In November, every town organises its fair of the dead with toys and cakes (according to Sicilian tradition the souls of the dead bring a present to the children). This is also the period for traditional Sicilian pastries like the “ossa dei morti” (bones of the dead).



  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Rain-icon.jpg 70 mm
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Thermometer-icon.jpg   21 Degrees
  • b2ap3_thumbnail_Sun-icon_20140902-175720_1.jpg 8 hrs Sunshine


Venice canals at night


Going to Venice in September you are guaranteed the autumn glow and culinary highlights. While the city charms tourists all year round with its unique history and beauty, it seems like the city becomes even more special in the autumn months. Enjoy beautiful sunsets over the renowned lagoons and be taken away by diffused lights and colours sparkling on the narrow canals. While Venice and its region become less busy in autumn, you will still get spoiled by cultural and culinary highlights!

Seasonal produce

  • Sea food
  • Porcini mushrooms 

Festive Highlights

  • Venice Film Festival 

The Venice Film Festival or Venice International Film Festival (Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica della Biennale di Venezia) is the oldest international film festival in the world and attracts international stars every year at the beginning of September.

  • Sagra del Pesce

Walk through the tiny streets of Burano and soak up the serenity and colourful houses of the area while enjoying fried fish and plenty of wine!

Various festivals, the harvest time and the beautiful colours that Italy shows off in autumn are just a few reasons why we love the country so much. Being spoiled by fresh and local produces, it is also the perfect time to go on a culinary adventure. Whether it may be Amalfi, Puglia, Sicily or Venice that has caught your attention – we offer exciting cooking holidays in all of these areas. To find out more about dates and availability click here or contact one of our friendly staff members.

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