A Brief History of Villa Padova

Flavours are excited to introduce Villa Padova to our list of Villa options in 2015.

Located in the Padua province near the city of Venice, this 16th century property is sure to impress guests on our painting holidays. The Villa features historic Frescos by some of the regions most famous artists and the grounds have been magnificently kept by current owners. The property has been in the Pisani family for many generations and tells a fascinating story. Here’s a brief history:

Villa Padova italy venice 16th Century


Around the year 800

  • The Pisani family built their fortunes through banking and becoming mercenary leaders. They become one of Veneto’s richest families.

Early 1500’s

• Villa commissioned by Cardinal Francesco Pisani, Venetian patrician, bishop of Padova.#
• Rooms are decorated with Frescos by artists including Zelotti, Varotari and Palo Veronese. Zelotti and Veronese’s works can both be viewed today in Venice’s Doges Palace. Notably, Veronese’s The Wedding at Cana is the largest painting in The Lourves collection and hangs in the Mona Lisa Room.

Garden Italy Venice Padova


  • 1852 – Evelina Van Millingen takes up residence at the Villa, dedicating her time to transforming the wild gardens.#
  • Milligens influence on the gardens is strong, taking from both Italian and English trends. It would be uncommon for an Italian garden to feature trimmed hedgerows and geometric design plans. The presence of statues, vases and fountains are elements of Italian style.
  • The Queen of Sweden, The Empress of Gemany, Queen Victoria’s daughter, Poet Robert Browning and Lord Byron are notable visitors to the Villa.
  • 1860 – Sculptor Antonia Gradenigo designs the small family chapel in the gardens in neogothic Elizabethan style.
  • 1880 The last remaining member of the Pisani family, Evelinas husband, Almoro III dies.




  • After Evelinas death, her only heir (a distant nephew) takes ownership of the Villa
  • 1960 – The property is sold to the Bolognesi Scalabrin Family, who still own it today, having lovingly restored it in recent years.


Guests on our painting holidays to Venice have the opportunity to stay in Villa Padova with us. The Frescos are great inspiration and the gardens provide a serene setting to practice your painting outdoors!

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