Q&A with Ciaran: What is a painting holiday in Italy like?

Today’s Q&A session with our lovely Ciaran is about our Italian painting holidays. We have put together last week’s top 3 most asked questions from you and here are the answers!


What do I need to bring on a painting holiday?

On a Flavours holiday we do understand that there can be many materials brought so we do provide your easels, your stools and your boards which will be found at the villa when you arrive. We have found that most of our painters do prefer to take their own material as they are much more comfortable using them. We do have a list of materials that each of our painting tutors have supplied us with. We will pass that on before you join us. There might be a few things you’d like to pick up before you arrive.

Is there a certain level of ability that I have to be at for your painting courses?

Very simple answer again: no. The same as with all Flavours holidays, we welcome all abilities. As we do keep our groups nice and small between groups of 6 and 10. This means your painting tutor can work themselves around the group throughout the week, giving you plenty of attention and helping you with your painting techniques.

What will I be painting once in Italy?

Throughout the week you will spend the majority of your time painting and capturing the beautiful landscape that surrounds your villa. We also have some excursions. The group can take this as a really good opportunity to do some sketching and painting on location.

Do you have any other questions you would like to ask Ciaran? Then tell us below or on our social media channels using #AskFlavours. We’d love to help you with your 2017 holiday plans to Italy, so don’t hesitate and get in touch! For more about our painting holidays in Italy click here.

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