What is ‘Body Control Pilates’?

All our teachers on our Pilates holidays in Italy are “Body Control Pilates” qualified – but have you ever wondered what this means? If so, read our short guide including all important facts about the Body Control Pilates method!

Lynne Robinson founded Body Control Pilates in 1995 with a drive to share the Joseph Pilates method. Lynne wanted as many as possible to be able to utilise the exercise and sought to take Pilates from the studio to the home. The classes and instructions BCP provided allowed an easy way for ‘students’ to improve and strengthen their core in their own time. She has become a leading figure in the Pilates movement, described by the Observer as “the undisputed First Lady of Pilates”

Pilates lessons by the pool at the holiday villa in Tuscany

The approach is based upon medical research and aims to gain complete control of both body and mind. Because of this, it attracts all sorts of personalities and backgrounds when training new teachers. Since founding the method, Lynne Robinson has trained over 1,300 teachers across the globe.

Pilates teacher instructing guest on Pilates holiday in Sicily

It is important to understand the eight guiding principles of the method, mastering these through the practice of Pilates will result in Joseph’s aim of gaining complete control of the body. Different movements and exercises will concentrate on specific principles, so over time you will slowly master each of the following eight principles:

  • Concentration
  • Relaxation
  • Alignment
  • Breathing
  • Centring
  • Coordination
  • Flowing Movements
  • Stamina

There are many types of Pilates, some requiring equipment and some focusing further on the mind rather than the body. The Body Control can be seen as a mix of all the methods, maximising its ability to be practised at home or perhaps by the pool or in the studio.

Why not join us in Italy this summer to try it for yourself? Tell us in the comments below where and how you practice Pilates!

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