Meet Diane Easthope - One of our Pilates Instructors

About Diane Easthope

Diane is a fully qualified Pilates in instructor in all mat based equipment and personal trainer. Diane was first introduced to Pilates after a nasty back injury and was inspired by the positive effects it had on her body.

Diane Easthope, one of the Flavours Holidays Pilates Instructor

Catherine's Qualifications

  • Certified Body Control Pilates Instructor
  • All mat based Pilates
  • All studio equipment Pilates
  • Personal Trainer

I believe that Pilates can benefit everyone either as a stand-alone exercise system or as a compliment to other training techniques, but mainly to keep you active, mobile and injury-free to a ripe old age! And, I love seeing the quick progress guests make on a Pilates holiday.

Diane Easthope

Diane's Pilates Holidays Class Availabilities

Diane is fully booked for 2016, but stay tuned for 2017 dates availabilities.