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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a teacher on a Pilates holiday in Italy? We asked our Pilates teacher, Jyoti to give us some insight and she was kind enough to share with us her typical schedule. Long days of Italian food, afternoon dips in the pool and relaxing Pilates-  it doesn’t sound like work at all, does it?!

Woman doing Pilates pose at the swimming pool

7am wake up and get the coffee bubbling away for my morning hit of delicious Italian coffee. Then I go to the studio, to set up for the first class of the day, and go through my stretches.  Its really important to warm up before teaching a class, so that you can move well in any exercises you demo and not injure yourself.

Morning Class: Lasts for an hour, and usually has an emphasis on energising movements.  Then we all go off to breakfast, which is laid out waiting for us, a yummy spread of fresh fruit, yoghurt, granola, toast and more of that coffee.

After, I’ll find a sunny corner to curl up in and plan that evenings class, and the one for the following morning.  The plan will follow on from the previous class, and be tailored to the individual needs and goals of the guests. So I’m constantly tweaking and changing exercises – no two classes are ever the same!  If there is time before lunch, being able to have a swim is such a treat.

Then its time to prepare the table for lunch, which may have been cooked by the guests if it is one of their cookery lesson days. Either way, it will be utterly delicious.

After lunch, I’ll fit in a 1:1 class with a guest – each person will do this at some point during their holiday, and they are fantastic for giving me the opportunity to work closely with an individual, focusing in on their goals and making sure the class is meeting their expectations. It also gives me all the info I need to design their exercise programme to do at home on their return.

Relaxing by the Pool

Relaxing by the Pool

In the late afternoon, I may relax and read and soak up the sun, go for a walk or run, or fit in a Pilates session for myself – it is so calming and wonderful to do my own practice in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings, often with birdsong as my soundtrack –   pure bliss.

Then it will be time for the evening class, which usually has a relaxing focus, and it is so satisfying to see the tension just melt away from people as the week progresses.  Then off to shower and get ready for the evening, and another feast of regional Italian cooking.  Spending lots of time with the guests, getting to know them and socialising and eating all together is great fun, and also helps build a happy and supportive atmosphere in the classes – there is always lots of laughter!

After all the sun, Pilates and good food, I usually go to bed about 11pm, ready to repeat the next day – not bad for a work day.


Flavours Pilates Teacher

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