What is a Cooking Holiday in Italy like? Q&A with Ciaran

Our sales team get asked many questions about our cooking holidays each week. We thought that the questions might not only be relevant for those calling us in the office, but could be of interest to you, too. So, watch our video below and see this week’s top 3 questions about our Italian cookery classes and what to expect and Ciaran’s answer.

Do I have to be an experienced cook to join your holidays?

Very simple answer: no. All of our Flavours Holidays (including painting courses and Pilates retreatscater for all abilities. Throughout the years Flavours has welcomed beginners, keen cooks as well as experienced cooks to Italy.Italian cooking

What are the cooking lessons like?

Flavours cooking lessons are fun, relaxed and hands-on. They take place in the kitchen of the villa that you will be staying in with all of the group working alongside the chef to create the meals. We only take small groups on our holidays, so everybody can get really involved. Our local chefs are quite passionate and love sharing their knowledge about Italian food. The recipes you will learn are ones that you can bring home with you and create in your own kitchen with ingredients that can be found anywhere.

What will I be cooking on a cookery holiday in Italy?

This will depend on the region that you will join us. This will depend on the region that you will join us. Each Italian destination has a different identity. Whether it’s the rustic, hearty dishes from Tuscany or the exotic middle Eastern spices that influence Sicilian dishes, the recipes are authentic and reflect the region. To see examples of these dishes, take a look at our Italian food guide on our Flavours blog.

Do you have any other questions you would like to ask Ciaran? Then tell us below or contact Ciaran himself here. We’d love to help you with your 2016 holiday plans to Italy, so don’t hesitate and get in touch!


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