Forget Spa Breaks, Book a Pilates Retreat in Italy

Spa breaks are so last decade. It’s time to treat yourself to a Pilates retreat in sunny Italy.

Life is a little bit stressful these days. Do you sit at a desk all day? Are you constantly going from A to B, working long hours, and worrying about family life?

Don’t worry there is an alternative…

A Pilates retreat could really help you unwind and relax in more ways than you think.

Two ladies relaxing in the sun by the pool in Sicily


Imagine… a week away from the office, surrounded by stunning countryside, staying in a private villa and relaxing under the Italian sun.  Feel energized each morning after a restful nights sleep and enjoy starting the day with a Pilates session before breakfast.


Pool, garden and trees at villa in Puglia


Hot yoga is all the rage these days, but who wants to be stuck in a sweaty room when you could be enjoying some gentle Pilates moves by a pool in Italy? There are some real benefits from exercising in a warmer climate.  By letting your body acclimatise to the heat, your muscles will relax and your flexibility will increase.

The benefits of Pilates are almost endless. Vanessa Hedge, one of our ‘Body Control’ Pilates tutors believes: “Pilates really is for everyone, whether you are recovering from an injury or just want to improve your posture, flexibility and core strength.” 

Pilates can improve your posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility as well as relieve stress and tension. It’s great for your abs and can also relieve back pain. Pilates’ slow and controlled movements puts minimal impact on your joints.

Take a holiday from yourself, put your worries to one side and focus on the here and now in Italy. Pilates hones your focus – it requires concentration and the ability to focus on your breathing and your body.

We have also listed 41 benefits of Pilates to really prove to you that Pilates is not only one of the best to relax and unwind, but also has so many health benefits.

Pilates lessons by the pool at the holiday villa in Tuscany

What to expect at a Flavours Pilates retreat?

“There’s nothing better than telling my clients to float their arms up to the bright blue sky.”  Catherine Crompton, Flavours Pilates tutor.

Our Pilates courses are led be experts who teach ‘Body Control’ Pilates which is a style of Pilates based on the principles of Pilates founder, Joseph Pilates.  Find out more about our teachers here.

If you find yourself not having enough time in your busy life to join a local Pilates class, our Pilates retreats are the equivalent of taking a 10 week course but condensed down into a week.

8-10 lessons a week are included in the cost of the trip and all equipment is provided at the villa.  Our course is unique with a private, one to one session given to each guest. Our tutors stay at the villa and are on hand to offer tips and advice to guests and can tailor make the holiday to suit the groups’ needs and levels of ability.

This is a stress-free holiday. All meals and drinks are included in the price as well as dinners at local restaurants.  Meals are prepared by your own private chef at the villa and two cookery lessons are included during the week.

Escape the villa on our excellent day trips.  Our Pilates retreat in Tuscany includes a day trip to a local spa Terme San Giovanni in Rapolanowhere you can relax in the healing waters or indulge in a massage. Ideal for relaxing those muscles.

Most importantly just relax, in peaceful surroundings.  Take it easy by the pool and feel replenished by the end of the week.  Leave the holiday looking and feeling better!

We can cater for individuals or pilates groups so just contact us for more information

Book now and let the anticipation begin!

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