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This year, I will… learn a new skill! Our holidays are different! Flavour’s Holidays place great importance on the “experience” of guests and aim to provide holidays that guests can really take something from. Set in beautiful villas across Italy, we aim to inspire guests and help nurture new skills that they can take home with them; whether it be polishing their painting skills, mastering pasta making, learning Italian, or improving their fitness and wellbeing with Pilates. With many people making New Year’s resolutions this January, why not resolve to improve your painting, or take up Pilates! It’s never too late to take up a new hobby or to improve on an activity you enjoy. Today we will show you how inspirational our holidays are!



There are some truly beautiful parts of Italy to discover and you could spend a lifetime exploring its coastlines and countryside. On our cooking holidays, we take guests to idyllic regions of Italy and give them the chance to learn from fantastic Italian chefs. Our chefs familiarize guests with local dishes and teach them the secrets to Italian cooking. With a couple of visits to local artisan food producers thrown in; guests get an authentic experience of Italian regional cuisine and learn how to make the dishes they can recreate back home.

A delicious looking basket full of fresh Italian vegetables

A delicious looking basket full of fresh Italian vegetables



Our Pilates holidays are the perfect balance between fitness and indulgence. Guests receive 10 Pilates lessons with a fully qualified, Pilates teacher to help improve their strength, flexibility and overall wellness. As body control Pilates requires no equipment or gym, it means that guests can continue their Pilates regimen once they return from their holiday. Our experienced tutors ensure that guests receive lessons that match their ability, but challenge them too. There is really no better way to enjoy Pilates than an invigorating session in the Italian sun before breakfast!



Italy has been an incredible source of inspiration for artists for centuries – and so why not discover it for yourself! Whether you choose the magical light and elegant cityscape of Venice, or the rolling hills of Tuscany our painting holidays are a great spark of inspiration for budding artists, and those looking to take it up as a hobby. Our team of experienced art tutors are great at developing artistic style and will give guests an informative yet relaxing painting experience. With various trips to local towns and locations, guests will develop their artistry through direct observation and knowledge shared by your experienced painting tutor.



There is really no better place to learn Italian, than in Italy! Our experienced language tutors come from the Italian Cultural Institute and aim to improve the confidence of guests when speaking Italian and will help guests to practice what they learn in everyday contexts. Chatting amongst your fellow, language students is a fun way to improve your language skills and the beautiful locations of our villas will undoubtedly inspire!

Group of painting guests enjoying the Tuscan sunshine

So, if you are determined to learn something new this year, our cooking, painting, Pilates and Italian language holidays could be the perfect thing for you! With fabulous destinations across Italy, such as Tuscany, Amalfi, Puglia, Venice and Sicily, our enriching holidays are the perfect way to learn a new skill and get inspired this year! Simply download our latest brochure to find out more or contact our experience team.

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