The top 5 Italian Regions to visit in 2024

Top 5 Italian regions to visit in 2023

As there are 20 Italian regions, we understand the struggle of deciding on which region to travel to. With the diversity of beautiful blue seas, rolling hilltops, appetising cuisines, historic towns and stunning views all around Italy, we have put together a list of the top 5 Italian regions to visit in 2024 to make your decision-making a little bit easier when planning your travels this year.

The bluest region, Puglia

Puglia is possibly the brightest and most blue region in Italy. This iconic Italian region is located in the heel of Italy and has the longest coastline of any mainland region of Italy. Only recently has Puglia become a popular holiday destination. A couple of years ago, Italians were the only Puglia visitors. During their summer holidays, they would travel down to the heel to lie by the beach to have a local getaway from their hometown.

The food, history and attractive beaches of Puglia attracted people from all over the world. Puglia is one of our popular holiday destinations, especially for cooking holidays. We don’t blame our guests, the food is the best part about Puglia, with the views following very close behind!

Tourists by the sea in Puglia

The Dreamy Veneto

Not all Italian regions are famous for having canals, however, when travelling to Veneto you will discover what it’s like to live in a water city. With Venice being the city of love and luck, you will most likely experience a very upbeat atmosphere when travelling here.

Our heart skips a beat when we hear the word “Tiramisù” and thankfully Treviso is the homeland of this phenomenal dessert (AND Prosecco) so you can eat until your heart’s content. Love, luck, Tiramisu and Prosecco are all we need… You can catch us in Veneto for the time being, why not join us on this holiday? This region sounds like heaven!

The Italian region Treviso at sunset by a canal

Spot many stunning sunsets like this in Veneto!

Of all the Italian regions, try visiting Tuscany

Where do we start with this region? The rolling hilltops, the colourful sunsets, the greenery landscapes and the delicious dishes. If our guests could travel to any of the Italian regions, Tuscany would be one of the top answers! Let us show you why…

Tuscany is famous for its wine production. The Tuscan wine history can be traced back to the 7th century BC. Due to this, you’ll spot hundreds of grape vines in Tuscany. A picture-perfect spot for any artists thinking about travelling to Tuscany.

The food in Tuscany is too good to miss out on. The red sauce, meaty dishes are very popular in Tuscany such as Potato Tortelli served with a meat sauce and Crostini Toscani, a sliced baguette topped with chopped chicken liver sauce as a spread. You can find out more about traditional Tuscan dishes by taking a cooking holiday in Tuscany.

The rolling hills of Tuscany

Can you imagine waking up to this every day?!


Sicily is a little island off of mainland Italy. With miles of varied and beautiful coastlines, you’ll always find something spectacular even if that’s a seaside café or a rural Sicilian building. Sicily’s coastline has a mix of sandy beaches, pebbly coves and nature reserves touched by three seas.

During your trip to Sicily, try and visit the Valley of the Temples, a very famous tourist attraction. The Valley of the Temples is an ancient classic structure site that houses some of the best-preserved Ancient Greek ruins in the world outside of Greece.

As well as touring the region, don’t leave without trying Arancini, a traditional Sicilian snack. Arancini is an Italian rice ball that is stuffed with a filling of choice, coated with breadcrumbs and then deep fried. Typically, Arancini will be stuffed with cheese, meat or vegetables.

Sicily by the sea with a stunning view

These views in Sicily are too good to miss out on

The gorgeous Lombardy region

This Italian region is located northwest of the country. The capital of Lombardy is Milan, the global capital of fashion and design, famous for high-end restaurants and historic buildings. However, if you travel to Como, you will see a different side of the region. Going from Milan, a busy city to Como, a peaceful town by a lake can make a big difference. Lake Como is a very popular tourist spot as the lake is the third largest lake in Italy and only a 50-minute train journey from Milan, so it’s very easy for tourists to travel through to Lake Como for a day.

Wherever you decide to travel is completely down to your personal preference. For example, if you enjoy your museums and historic buildings, we recommend you visit Milan, however, if you prefer lakeside scenery and cafes by the water, definitely take the time to visit Lake Como. Neither place will disappoint!

Side walk next to Lake Como during summer

Lake Como in the beautiful Italian region of Lombardy

Which of these Italian regions are you going to visit?

Now you know how diverse the Italian regions are, you probably have plenty of decisions to be making this year. We have activity holidays in 6 regions of Italy, have a look at our holidays to narrow down your list of Italian regions to visit.

Our 2024 holiday brochure has more information about our Italian holidays in 6 different Italian regions.

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