The best risotto recipe for winter

Dish of risotto

Delicious risotto

As the evenings draw in there’s nothing like a bowl of creamy risotto- we’re delighted to share our best risotto recipe for winter from Flavours chef- Livia de Giovanni.

The bitterness of the radicchio and red wine is perfectly balanced with the creamy risotto rice. – Buon appetito!

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This recipe serves 4


  • 300g Vialone Nano rice ( otherwise Arborio or risotto rice)
    2 shallots finely chopped
    300g Radicchio finely chopped
    100g parmigiano to grate
    80g butter (unsalted)
    1 litre vegetable stock ( homemade is best with celery, carrot and onion)
    Extra virgin olive oil
    Black pepper
    1/2 glass of red wine

This Risotto is going to be a really delicate “primi piatti”- first course.

To make your vegetable stock

  1. Celery, carrot and onion make a great base, coarsely chop the vegetables and place in a pot with 2 litres of cold water.
    Top tip : It is important to add cold water so that the vegetables will gradually release their flavour while the water is starting to boil.
  2. You can add a courgette to the stock ( to give more flavour to the stock) and some olive oil.

To make your risotto 

  1. Add extra virgin olive oil and butter to the saucepan
  2. Then add the finely chopped shallots
  3. Cook for 10-15 minutes over a low heat till soften.
  4. Add the chopped radicchio.

Top tip to make really creamy risotto

  1. In a separate pan toast the rice without adding any butter or oil for 2-3 minutes, this will lock in the starch in the rice and helps improve the flavour (makes it more creamy).
  2. Once the rice is toasted add to the saucepan. Stir well then add a good glass of red wine and stir until the alcohol evaporates.
  3. Now start adding the stock little by little.
  4. Keep adding the stock gradually until it is cooked- the rice should be al dente.
  5. Then add some butter and a lot of grated parmigiano to serve- enjoy!

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