Unravelling Italian stereotypes

There are stereotypes about every country everywhere because of their staunch belief in their culture, religion or their love for the food or traditions. However, there are many stereotypes about Italians too. Some of which are only made up for fun and humour purposes while some are actually true.

Below is the list of most common stereotypes about Italians which are actually true:


Italians are obsessed with fashion

Fashion is religiously practiced in Italy. Prada, Armani, Versace and all other big brands are proof of that. However, Italians are all about their fashion sense; they rarely dress up casually or too fancy bling. Italians feel an obligation to look good and to represent fashion in every aspect.
Individualism is practised in Italy when it comes to fashion; so don’t make faces when you see men in silk satins and in bright colours.

Italians are habitually late

Italians work in accordance with their own timeline be it work or meet ups. Even if you question Italians for getting late, they will casually respond that they stopped for a smoke or coffee.

People on the streets are also seen with this relaxed mindset, as most people walk at a relatively leisurely pace. In United States habitual lateness is viewed as negative, in Italy, it is a reflection of taking life slowly and appreciating the moment.

Italians talk with their hands

Italians do actually use their hands when they talk. A gesture is part of a concept, and even if Italians try to not move their hands while talking, they cannot resist.

Italians love football

Italians take football very seriously; when it comes to football no one can divert their attention from it. Even if an Italian is not present in the stadium (which is obviously not possible for the whole Italy to be at the stadium) you can hear people from the neighbourhood in Italy shouting when they see football on TVs.

Fresh pasta made on cooking holiday in Tuscany.

Italians love Pasta

It’s the most common and an unsaid stereotype. Italians are known for their cuisine and pasta being the most famous one. And, yes, Italians devour the pasta like nobody else. Italians consume 60 pounds of pasta per year. You can find our easy step-by-step guide to make Fresh Italian Pasta here.

Families are most important to Italians

People might find it weird when they go to Italy when they see independent adults in their 20s and 30s living with their huge families or parents. But, Italians love their families. Even if a few Italians don’t live together in a family, they meet for the weekly gathering. Italians have an undeniably strong bond with their families. And, usually, mother rules the family.

Italians aren’t scared of Public Display of Affection

Italians are very romantic, and they are no strange to affection. Be it kissing or embracing their loved ones in public or two male friends walking closely together holding hands. The Italian way of classic greeting is to greet someone by kissing them on both cheeks.