Flavours Holiday Reviews

With 100% customer satisfaction, we are delighted to hear how much our guests enjoy their holiday with us and want to thank everyone who has taken the time to review our Italian holidays! Below you can now read exactly what our guests say about their experience with Flavours Holidays in Italy.

RatingGuest Review
Judith (14/10/2018)
Susan (14/10/2018)
Julie (14/10/2018)
Linzi (14/10/2018)
Mike (14/10/2018)
Kenneth (14/10/2018)
Mary (14/10/2018)
Joan (14/10/2018)
Janet (14/10/2018)
Huw (14/10/2018)
Noreen (14/10/2018)
Julia (14/10/2018)
Pip (14/10/2018)
Julia (13/10/2018)
Stephen (13/10/2018)
Alyson (13/10/2018)
Phillip (13/10/2018)
Daryl (13/10/2018)
Penny (12/10/2018)
Eleni (12/10/2018)
Angela (12/10/2018)
Joanne (11/10/2018)
Jill (11/10/2018)
Joan (10/10/2018)
Rosemary (10/10/2018)
Linda (10/10/2018)
Marie (09/10/2018)
Norma (09/10/2018)
Josie (09/10/2018)
Vivienne (09/10/2018)
David (09/10/2018)
Alison (09/10/2018)
Elizabeth (08/10/2018)
Sue (08/10/2018)
Lesley (08/10/2018)
Andrew (08/10/2018)
Emma (08/10/2018)
Elizabeth (08/10/2018)
Michael (08/10/2018)
Joan (08/10/2018)
Jan (08/10/2018)
Geoff (08/10/2018)
Linda (08/10/2018)
Anna (08/10/2018)
Agnes (08/10/2018)
Lynne (08/10/2018)
Patricia (07/10/2018)
Belinda (07/10/2018)
Hannah (07/10/2018)
Sheila (07/10/2018)
Sandra (07/10/2018)
Jane (07/10/2018)
Mary (07/10/2018)
Nadia (07/10/2018)
Mike (07/10/2018)
Sue (07/10/2018)
Daphne (07/10/2018)
Regine (06/10/2018)
Catherine (06/10/2018)
Susan (06/10/2018)
Carol (06/10/2018)
Julie (06/10/2018)
Amanda (05/10/2018)
Sarah (05/10/2018)
Martin (05/10/2018)
Amanda (05/10/2018)
Susan (05/10/2018)
Marion (05/10/2018)
Claire (04/10/2018)
Stella (04/10/2018)
Gerald (04/10/2018)
Maura (04/10/2018)
Angela (03/10/2018)
Margaret (03/10/2018)
Caroline (03/10/2018)
Geoffrey (02/10/2018)
Kenneth (02/10/2018)
Kate (02/10/2018)
Katie (01/10/2018)
Keith (01/10/2018)
Kenneth (01/10/2018)
Sandra (01/10/2018)
Heather (01/10/2018)
Iris (01/10/2018)
Claire (01/10/2018)
Gloria (01/10/2018)
Jennifer (01/10/2018)
Josephine (01/10/2018)
Philippa (01/10/2018)
Margaret (01/10/2018)
Ursula (01/10/2018)
Belinda (01/10/2018)
Kay (01/10/2018)
Myra (01/10/2018)
Patricia (01/10/2018)
Brenda (01/10/2018)
Ann (01/10/2018)
Dianne (01/10/2018)
Lynda (30/09/2018)
Neil (30/09/2018)
Stan (30/09/2018)
Stewart (30/09/2018)
Selina (30/09/2018)
Martin (30/09/2018)
Daryl (30/09/2018)
Josephine (30/09/2018)
Gillian (30/09/2018)
Vivienne (30/09/2018)
Stephen (30/09/2018)
Ian (30/09/2018)
Michele (30/09/2018)
Linda (30/09/2018)
Elizabeth (29/09/2018)
Teresa (29/09/2018)
Pauline (29/09/2018)
Maureen (29/09/2018)
Victoria (29/09/2018)
Joanna (28/09/2018)
Catherine (28/09/2018)
Paula (28/09/2018)
Susan (27/09/2018)
Nirmala (27/09/2018)
Andrew (27/09/2018)
Angela (27/09/2018)
Paula (26/09/2018)
Margaret (26/09/2018)
Gail (25/09/2018)
Diana (25/09/2018)
Caroline (24/09/2018)
Gillian (24/09/2018)
Maria (24/09/2018)
Paula (24/09/2018)
Marcelle (24/09/2018)
Julia (24/09/2018)
Amanda (24/09/2018)
Ian (24/09/2018)
Deborah (24/09/2018)
Stella (24/09/2018)
Robert (23/09/2018)
Deborah (23/09/2018)
Tracey (23/09/2018)
Susan (23/09/2018)
Jean (23/09/2018)
Leonie (23/09/2018)
Maxine (23/09/2018)
Yasmin (23/09/2018)
Wendy (23/09/2018)
Mavis (22/09/2018)
Kate (22/09/2018)
Jacqueline (21/09/2018)
Charlotte (21/09/2018)
Carrie (21/09/2018)
Ann (19/09/2018)
Susan (18/09/2018)
Sian (18/09/2018)
Irene (18/09/2018)
Alison (17/09/2018)
David (17/09/2018)
Barbara (17/09/2018)
Bev (17/09/2018)
Judith (17/09/2018)
Caroline (17/09/2018)
David (17/09/2018)
Patricia (17/09/2018)
Elaine (17/09/2018)
Elizabeth (17/09/2018)
Susan (17/09/2018)
Jackie (17/09/2018)
Jacqueline (17/09/2018)
Irene (17/09/2018)
Christine (17/09/2018)
Isabel (17/09/2018)
Amanda (17/09/2018)
Christophe (17/09/2018)
Katherine (17/09/2018)
Christine (16/09/2018)
Susan (16/09/2018)
Sarah (16/09/2018)
Lilian (16/09/2018)
Sandra (16/09/2018)
Heather (16/09/2018)
Bertie (16/09/2018)
Yvonne (16/09/2018)
Shirley (15/09/2018)
Dianne (13/09/2018)
Jean (13/09/2018)
Harriet (12/09/2018)
Jane (12/09/2018)
Rosemary (11/09/2018)
Mike (11/09/2018)
Patricia (11/09/2018)
Judy (11/09/2018)
Ian (10/09/2018)
Susan (10/09/2018)
Julie (10/09/2018)
Maria (10/09/2018)
Deborah (10/09/2018)
Adrienne (09/09/2018)
Amanda (09/09/2018)
Pamela (09/09/2018)
Jeannette (08/09/2018)
Ann (05/09/2018)
Carl (04/09/2018)
Jacob (04/09/2018)
Suzanne (04/09/2018)
Sarah (04/09/2018)
Kerry (02/09/2018)
Amanda (02/09/2018)
Ebony (02/09/2018)
Alison (02/09/2018)
Sally (14/08/2018)
Rosalind (23/07/2018)
Carole (21/07/2018)
Ilana (21/07/2018)
Anna (17/07/2018)
Elizabeth (17/07/2018)
Patricia (16/07/2018)
Helen (16/07/2018)
Louise (16/07/2018)
Cecilia (16/07/2018)
Nicola (16/07/2018)
Cicely (16/07/2018)
Ida (16/07/2018)
Madelaine (16/07/2018)
Norma (16/07/2018)
Patricia (15/07/2018)
Alexander (14/07/2018)
Nancy (14/07/2018)
Susan (13/07/2018)
Nancy (13/07/2018)
Ashleigh (13/07/2018)
Tineke (12/07/2018)
Lynne (11/07/2018)
We were hosted extremely well by Bruna who made us feel very welcome. I particularly enjoyed learning how to make pasta (tagliatelle and ravioli). I was surrounded by a very nice group of people. - Vivienne (11/07/2018)
Peace and quiet on the holiday to regenerate, alongside some laughs along the way whilst getting each day off to a positive start with excellent Pilates lessons. - Lynda (10/07/2018)
Rebecca (10/07/2018)
I really liked the staff at the villa - Franco and Antonella.They were fab and so engaging. Being taken to different Tuscan locations was really great. Tony was sooo giving of his time and is full of photographic knowledge. - Sheila (09/07/2018)
I very much enjoyed the whole holiday, the pilates teacher, hostess and chef were absolutely brilliant - they could not do enough for us and the atmosphere in the villa was great. I have already booked for next year! - Sue (09/07/2018)
Kate (09/07/2018)
The excellent service provided by Antonella, Marco plus the tutor, Tony, with their extremely friendly, accommodating approach and great involvement with all the other guests, made the overall experience very enjoyable. Having now done 3 Flavours holidays overall the formula and approach works well providing a good blend of activity, free time and trips out within beautiful venues and locations. - Gill (09/07/2018)
Stephen (09/07/2018)
Stephanie (09/07/2018)
Sandra (09/07/2018)
Anne (08/07/2018)
Deborah (08/07/2018)
Lesley (08/07/2018)
Amanda (08/07/2018)
David (08/07/2018)
Kerry (07/07/2018)
Amanda (07/07/2018)
Norma (06/07/2018)
Jude (06/07/2018)
Linda (06/07/2018)
Carina (05/07/2018)
Linda (05/07/2018)
Susan (04/07/2018)
Graham (04/07/2018)
Judith (04/07/2018)
Kim (03/07/2018)
The overall experience, yet again a fabulous holiday. Livia our host was fantastic, nothing was ever too much trouble. The chef, Per Luigi, was brilliant. His knowledge and experience made for an instructive and totally excellent culinary adventure. - Anne (03/07/2018)
Amanda (03/07/2018)
Everything exceeded my expectations, including the other people in the group! Daniele was an excellent language tutor and entertainer, along with Carla and Valentino! They couldn't have been kinder and more helpful! - Kimberley (03/07/2018)
Daniela was a wonderful teacher and despite starting from a base of nothing I made good progress. Carla's food was wonderful and Saro could not do enough for us. Group was lovely and gelled well together. - Alison (02/07/2018)
Andrea (02/07/2018)
John (02/07/2018)
Irene (02/07/2018)
Julie (02/07/2018)
Being able to do pilates as well as cooking was a real treat. Sharon is absolutely superb, both for pilates but also in general - she made sure everyone was ok. - Joanne (02/07/2018)
I had a lovely room in the peaceful villa. I enjoyed the company of the other guests, the fab pilates teacher Diane and Valentina the host and cook. Visiting Rugusa , Noto and beach day were among my favourite parts of the holiday. - Laura (02/07/2018)
Linda (02/07/2018)
A relaxing holiday in beautiful surroundings, together with stimulating activities and enjoying the company of new friends. A caring team, who made sure that all was satisfactory before the holiday began. - Martin (01/07/2018)
Sitting in the sun painting was definitely my favourite part of the holiday - Sharon (01/07/2018)
It was a fantastic holiday. Every day brought something new and enjoyable to experience. Really made special by Livia and Pier Luigi. - Susannah (01/07/2018)
Janet (01/07/2018)
Dani's lessons were great and the villa staff couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. Valentina is a delightful young woman who couldn't do enough for us and she was a great guide in Modica. I especially enjoyed the excursions on this trip. - Karol (01/07/2018)
A really good group of people, an excellent host (Bruna) and chef (Mauro), and a good mix of cooking, free time and excursions - a well balanced holiday that was well planned and run. - Dominic (01/07/2018)
Excellent cooking lessons - Pier Luigi was the best chef and Livia was a wonderful hostess. - Patricia (01/07/2018)
As usual, it was well up to the standard I’ve come to expect from Flavours. Pierre Luigi was an excellent chef/tutor and the lovely Livia was once again a wonderful and attentive hostess. Highlights? The whole holiday!!!! - Taniya (01/07/2018)
I enjoyed all of my holiday. Our host Bruno was superb, she could not do enough to look after us and Maro the chef was excellent and both made our holiday a great experience. Lovely food and good cookery lessons. All the guests got on well. - Christine (01/07/2018)
Norma (30/06/2018)
The villa and location were marvellous. The meals and continuous supply of wine were excellent! - Nicola (29/06/2018)
Gillian (29/06/2018)
The villa was just gorgeous, the excursions fun, beautiful and informative (Livia is a wealth of information!), and the cooking lessons with Antonio - what a great teacher with so much information. Very pleased!! - Sheila (28/06/2018)
Every aspect of the holiday was excellent, it exceeded expectations - especially the friendly nature of the group and the expertise of Tracy our Pilates instructor. - Valerie (26/06/2018)
Our host Livia was so attentive, friendly and helpful. She worked very hard to make everything run smoothly. Excellent trip! - Alison (25/06/2018)
I loved the villa, the food, the staff, the classes & Tracey, our Pilates teacher, was great - I definitely would book another holiday with Flavours. - Carole (25/06/2018)
Daniela, Carla and Valentina were great! - Sarah (25/06/2018)
The cookery lessons were well conducted and fun, in a fabulous setting. - Peter (25/06/2018)
Kathleen (25/06/2018)
The highlight has to be Carla. She made every session a joy, and took so much care in cooking for all of us. The mix of cooking and language 'students' worked really well too. - Vanessa (25/06/2018)
Cornelia (25/06/2018)
Our tutor Michael created a relaxed atmosphere and ensured a balance of tuition to all the group and individually. The visits were well planned and taking place on alternate days gave time to relax, sight see and to paint and draw. It was a fabulous experience. - Geralynn (24/06/2018)
The villa and surroundings were lovely, as well as Natascia, our teacher, and Giuseppe, our chef, who were both very friendly. - Pauline (24/06/2018)
I enjoyed every minute of the holiday - as a complete novice I was really impressed by our teacher Tracey who adapted the lesson to meet my needs. I felt included at every stage and she inspired me to book into a class at home. - Marilyn (24/06/2018)
I can't choose a favourite part - it was all so lovely. As it was my first holiday alone I feel I was well looked after. Can't wait to do it all again! - Patricia (24/06/2018)
The pilates classes were fab with Tracy and I loved the trips out too. Great food and classes and good company, I had a lovely week. - John (24/06/2018)
The accomodation was first class as was the food. We had pilates lessons in the sun with a fantastic instructor and fabulous views over the Tuscany hills. A group of total strangers became great friends. - Carole (24/06/2018)
I enjoyed all the parts of the holiday. The villa and the views were absolutely stunning. Livia was a wonderful host and Pierre Lugia, the chef, was a lovely man. - Lindsey (24/06/2018)
My favorite part of the holiday was definitely the camaraderie in our painting group, and Michael's tutoring on plein air painting (esp. colour knowledge of the Tuscany landscape). Franco's cooking was also very inspiring and delicious. - MIlledge (23/06/2018)
Jean (23/06/2018)
It was a thoroughly relaxing and interesting week. The balance of Pilates, excursions and relaxation was perfect for me. The host, Rosario, did a wonderful job looking after everyone. The Pilates instructor, Charlotte, was excellent. - Lesley (23/06/2018)
I loved everything about the holiday! - Jane (23/06/2018)
Val (23/06/2018)
Jason (23/06/2018)
Patricia (23/06/2018)
This was our 3rd holiday with Flavours and certainly the best. The group bonded extremely well. Accommodation was brilliant! - John (23/06/2018)
Delightful villa, especially pool area and outdoor eating arrangements. Excellent Pilates instruction. Rosario, the host, did an excellent job ensuring a wonderful time. All days out were very well organised! - Joan (23/06/2018)
Helen (23/06/2018)
There were so many highlights of the holiday - painting the beautiful area around the villa, enjoying the company of lovely people and feeling really relaxed! - Amanda (23/06/2018)
I thought that the trips were excellent and our hostess Isabella was just FABULOUS . Antonio was also very, very charming as were the whole team! - David (22/06/2018)
The whole holiday was brilliant! Fantastic staff: Isabella & Antonio - wonderful. As were evening chef Pina, & housekeeper Gina. Had lots of laughs! - Nicole (22/06/2018)
A fantastic holiday, like no other that I have been on. The hosts and our Pilates instructor were fantastic. The villa was beautiful. A fabulous holiday and I can't wait for the next one. - Michelle (22/06/2018)
Our hostess Isabella was amazing and the food prepared by both the teaching chef and the evening chef was superb. - Robert (22/06/2018)
Isabella and Antonio were wonderful hosts and great fun to have around! Loved trying new recipes and enjoying relaxed meals in an idyllic setting. - Janice (22/06/2018)
The Tuscany countryside was ideal for painting! - John (22/06/2018)
Our teacher Ruth really helped to improve my Pilates technique. - Jacqui (22/06/2018)
Our host Isabella was a gem, and Antonio was great fun and an excellent cook! - David (22/06/2018)
I enjoyed all of the holiday but I certainly enjoyed our last meal out with everyone - the food was excellent. We were also lucky to have a great hostess, Livia, and chef Per Luigi. - Susan (22/06/2018)
It was great to have access to such a skilled teacher and chef - thank you Pierluigi! - Alison (22/06/2018)
I really enjoyed the workshops - would definitely do another painting holiday! - Susan (22/06/2018)
Doing the pilates classes outdoors was just wonderful! - Kay (22/06/2018)
Difficult to say what my favourite part was - I enjoyed it all. However Pierluigi and Livia need special mentions. They were professional, friendly and helpful. - Lynn (22/06/2018)
A high standard was maintained throughout the holiday with good company, food and wine flowing! - Anna (21/06/2018)
Nearby Querceto was primo! A great place to draw, explore, and taste wine. The camaraderie of my group: stellar. - Linda (19/06/2018)
There was no particular favourite part of the holiday - I enjoyed every minute - I would definitely go again! - Pascale (19/06/2018)
Corine (19/06/2018)
The favourite element of the holiday was the good company and convivial atmosphere. This was helped in no small measure by Livia’s people skills. She is a great asset to the organisation. - Ian (18/06/2018)
I found the cooking lessons hugely useful as well as great fun. - June (18/06/2018)
I really enjoyed the whole painting holiday and being in a small group of like minded people. The visit to Querceto where we sat and sketched was interesting and a new experience for me. - Kathleen (18/06/2018)
The location of the villa was amazing - the views were jaw-dropping. Rosa & Bruna were very attentive and made the experience extremely enjoyable. - Lynne (15/06/2018)
I loved the whole week especially the pilates classes with Rosalind. Can’t think of any improvements! - Ann (15/06/2018)
Everything was fantastic- the venue, the organisation, our hosts Claudia & Carmela, a good balance of cooking, sightseeing & relaxing. - Lindsey (15/06/2018)
The holiday provide a great opportunity to try something new while being totally cared for. Enjoying lovely food, copious drink, great host, chef & lovely companions - great combination. Walter & Massimo worked tirelessly & with such good humour to look after all our needs at the villa. We were spoiled! - Susan (15/06/2018)
I don't think this holiday could be improved on. My first holiday alone but was very happy with the other guests and the host and cook were very friendly and did everything to make our stay enjoyable. - Diane (15/06/2018)
Fabulous time away - did not stop laughing all week! Carla and Claudia were amazing. Jo is a superb Pilates teacher and great fun cooking lessons with Carla! - Sally (14/06/2018)
I genuinely enjoyed the whole experience and that was because of the people. It was a really great group of people on the holiday (we still keep in touch) and Simonetta and Luigi were just fantastic hosts - so warm, friendly and welcoming! Loved it! - Laurie (14/06/2018)
I enjoyed the originality of the accommodation, the beautiful grounds, sculpture & hosts.The Pilates was taught with enthusiasm, care & awareness of all the participants limitations. - Vickie (14/06/2018)
Antonella was an excellent host and organised the week with great skill. The group gelled and was an interesting mix of age groups. The chef was very good and encouraged participation, making it fun. I leant a lot of new skills and the good weather helped! - Chris (14/06/2018)
I really enjoyed the whole cooking experience with the group! - Clive (14/06/2018)
For me, the best part of the holiday was making and sharing great food with like minded foodies! - Frank (14/06/2018)
Everything was excellent! Natascia and Franco were the perfect teachers ,chefs and hosts. The three other guests were also so warm and friendly and despite our age differences we all shared so much laughter! - Pauline (14/06/2018)
Janice (14/06/2018)
A great blend of people on this holiday! Thanks to Massimo whose food was wonderful, Walter was a pleasure & the lovely Charlotte kept us on our toes. - Joyce (14/06/2018)
Loved many aspects of the holiday, sharing fun and laughter with others, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of the villa and garden, learning about this area of Italy and of course the cooking. Excellent! Livia worked so hard for us. - Patricia (14/06/2018)
The food was brilliant, as was the accommodation and the trip to Siena. Antonella was the perfect host! - Sarah (13/06/2018)
I loved every minute of it. The chef Antonio was delightful and Isabella was a load of fun and so welcoming and efficient looking after our every need. I couldn't fault anything and loved the beautiful tasteful comfortable accommodation. - Lise (13/06/2018)
The villa was gorgeous and the weekend packed full. Livia was a super host and really worked endlessly to ensure we all had a good time. - Nicola (13/06/2018)
I really enjoyed everything about the holiday but when the Atlas Mountains came into full view on the 3rd day was totally awe inspiring!! - Karen (13/06/2018)
Richard (13/06/2018)
Mary (13/06/2018)
Jenni (13/06/2018)
I can’t pick a favourite part as it was all perfect. Livia is a great hostess and Antonio a great chef! - June (13/06/2018)
The mix of a beautiful place, villa, staff and my fellow guests made this a truly glorious and memorable holiday. Fabulous! - Maria (13/06/2018)
Joanna (13/06/2018)
I absolutely loved the whole experience. The week was very well planned and thought out with enough cooking lessons, trips and free time. And I can honestly say that everyone who were involved in looking after us, were excellent. - Sandra (12/06/2018)
Rosalind was a great Pilates instructor and took everyone's health conditions into account. The villa and views were fantastic and it was nice to have the excursions. - Mary (12/06/2018)
My first Flavours cooking experience surpassed my expectations. The accommodation was truly 1st class in a wonderful setting. Antonio's cookery classes were excellent, Isabella our host was amazing as were the rest of the staff. - Paul (12/06/2018)
Joseph (12/06/2018)
I especially loved the position of the Villa, very beautiful. Livia and Pier Luigi were fabulous hosts in every way, they made you feel welcome and looked after us wonderfully. - Marian (12/06/2018)
Amazing holiday on every level! - Dawn (12/06/2018)
Barbara (11/06/2018)
Clara and Claudia were absolutely wonderful hosts. They made the holiday. We could not have had anyone better - Mary (11/06/2018)
The Villa was wonderful, perfect surroundings to relax in, amazing pool, a fantastic host in Rosario , great fun cooking with Carmela, her meals introducing 'Flavours' of Italy! Appreciated the balance of outings with time to enjoy the pool. - Gillian (11/06/2018)
The villa and it’s setting were magnificent, but also the enthusiasm and support of the chef Steph and the host Noemi was first class. - Alan (11/06/2018)
Sonia (11/06/2018)
Our host Isabella was fantastic and Antonio was a great cookery teacher. - Zoe (11/06/2018)
The cooking lessons by Stephanie were excellent, the kitchen was spacious and very well equipped - Peter (11/06/2018)
Claudia our host was so, so welcoming! The daily pilates was well organised and I would definitely do another pilates trip again! - Rebecca (11/06/2018)
Gabrielle (11/06/2018)
Camilla (11/06/2018)
Dorothy (11/06/2018)
There's not one single aspect I could highlight in particular. The holiday as whole was enjoyable. The villa, food, the relaxed atmosphere, the location, and the attitude and approach of our tutor Matt to the subject. It was all very good. - Philip (11/06/2018)
Our cook Giuseppe was the star of the show. The setting of the villa was perfect and the taxi/driver Roberto was very good. Our language tutor, Francesca and the 'host' or Matt the photography tutor, interacted well and created a fantastic holiday! - Stephen (10/06/2018)
For me, the best part of the holiday was the friendly attitude of all on the holiday, from fellow guest to the hosts and the excellent chef. - Nicholas (10/06/2018)
The villa was lovely, the cookery and in house food and wine was excellent. Isabella as host was all we could have asked for, tirelessly striving to do all we wanted. - Phillip (10/06/2018)
The villa was beautiful and the other guests were marvellous - the lessons with Antonio was one of the highlights as well as Isabella's high octane positivity! - Julia (10/06/2018)
Enjoyed chemistry with fellow guests, chef & instructor and also learned new techniques in painting as well as some cooking tips from the chef. - John (10/06/2018)
All was wonderful on the holiday! Antonella looked after us so well and Mauro was an inspirational chef. - Wendy (10/06/2018)
Excellent food and company made the whole holiday for me - every meal was an enjoyable event! - Clive (10/06/2018)
Penny (10/06/2018)
The visits to Volterra and San Gimignano and the excellent food were the highlights of the holiday. - Alan (10/06/2018)
Catrin (10/06/2018)
The location of the Villa, was so peaceful, and spacious. Michael was a brilliant teacher and host, the group were all very caring and helpful! I hope to have another holiday with Flavours next year! - Mary (10/06/2018)
Loved it all but the cooking was fabulous, we got to learn such a lot with Mauro who was very accomplished. The villa was idyllically situated, so restful and great company with the group. - Anne (10/06/2018)
Dinner in the villa each night was great fun. The other students shared what they had done during their day and it was like a house party!! The food was delicious and our hosts/tutors were lively and involved everyone. - Christine (10/06/2018)
The whole week was perfect! - Veronica (10/06/2018)
It was a wonder experience; I met so many wonderful people and made friends. Livia and chef Pier Luigi were wonderful hosts. I very much enjoyed the cooking lessons - they were informative and interesting and gave a flavour of the regional food. Chef was excellent and let us help him. - Simon (10/06/2018)
The ambience within our group was great, especially enjoyed cooking and eating together. Livia was a perfect hostess and very kind. - Isabel (10/06/2018)
A really good balance of very well organised activities & excursions with relaxing leisure time too. - Kathryn (08/06/2018)
Hazel (07/06/2018)
Richard (06/06/2018)
Valarie (04/06/2018)
Difficult to say what was the favourite part because it was a total experience. Being with like minded and interesting people in a unique situation made for a relaxed holiday. Our hosts and pilates coach "Mandy" especially went the extra mile. - Pauline (31/05/2018)
Theresa (30/05/2018)
Judith (30/05/2018)
An outstanding service provided by Livia and supported by Antonio. She is a credit to your company and fully demonstrates the meaning of customer-centricity coupled to high levels of enthusiasm and motivation. - Ian (30/05/2018)
It was a wonderful villa, where we enjoyed great cooking and eating. - Vivienne (29/05/2018)
Barbara (29/05/2018)
Doing Pilates outside on the terrace overlooking the gorgeous Tuscan scenery. This was amazing. Our Pilates tutor, Mandy was brilliant as both a teacher and host for the week. The itinerary was varied with time to relax on your own also. - Christine (29/05/2018)
Hard to pick one thing out as my favourite - the pilates lessons were excellent, the food/wine too, and the location was beautiful. I really enjoyed the thermal pools visit. All the staff at the villa were very helpful and friendly, and Mandy is a great teacher. - Claire (29/05/2018)
I enjoyed the holiday very much. It was the first on my own. Difficult to pick out my favourite part. I think it was feeling very comfortable with everything and being relaxed! Everything was really nice. Giuseppe the chef was excellent. - Edwina (29/05/2018)
Rosamunde (28/05/2018)
Impossible to chose between my early morning Pilates led by the wonderful Ros, or the truly delicious meals cooked by the wonderful Massimo, and the thoughtful, friendly hosting by Claudia. It was a fabulous week and I will definitely do another Flavours Pilates holiday. - Jane (28/05/2018)
I enjoyed everything about this holiday and it would be hard to pick a favourite. The villa and gardens were stunning, the lessons informative and fun and the excursions most enjoyable. However, special thanks should go to our lovely host Livia! - Sonia (28/05/2018)
Claudia, Massimmo and Ros, our Pilates instructor were the best part of the holiday! - Linda (28/05/2018)
I felt very spoiled and cherished staying at the villa! Pilates at the just right level to start and end the day. Good mix. - Lyn (28/05/2018)
Loved it all. An amazing group of people who all got on very well which made for a wonderful holiday. Livia and Antonio worked so well together and with us. Great host and chef, very professional, approachable and kind. Perfect! Lovely recipes too. - Barbara (28/05/2018)
Best fun holiday ever. Lovely having everything taken care of. Alessio was a wonderful gifted chef and teacher!! He was also great fun. Bruna too took fabulous care of us all. These two worked so well together to bond our group and made the holiday for me. Ten out of ten to both Staff!! Location wonderful!! - Siobhan (28/05/2018)
Patricia (28/05/2018)
Pilates with Ros was a joy. Calm, encouraging but also great fun. Claudia was a warm and welcoming host for whom nothing was too much trouble and we all looked forward to gathering at mealtimes for the wonderful food prepared by Massimo. - Loraine (28/05/2018)
The relaxed atmosphere at the villa and the pace of the holiday were perfect. Wonderful food! Lovely host, Livia. She was full of information and guidance. Just lovely. The villa was very special. - Angela (27/05/2018)
Simply wonderful from start to finish. Great company, great fun and great pilates sessions. - Caroline (27/05/2018)
Stunning location. Ciara was a very good tutor. I learnt a lot from her. The video of our photographs was well received by the cookery group and staff on our last evening.The cookery group’s lunches were delicious and it was nice to meet the group. - Ann (27/05/2018)
The villa was stunning and the views were spectacular. The meal times were great - it was very sociable and we laughed a lot! Natashia's teaching was excellent and Franco made delicious food. - Christine (27/05/2018)
It was great to learn Italian with an excellent tutor in such a fantastic location. - Susan (27/05/2018)
The villa was superb and Mandy was an excellent pilates teacher and host. She is a real people person and went out of her way to make sure the week was a success. The one to one pilates session was excellent. - Sonia (27/05/2018)
The excellent organisation; the high quality of the villa and a truly gifted teacher (and chef!) made this a memorable holiday. A very happy group of like-minded students thoroughly enjoyed our holiday. - Margaret (27/05/2018)
The villa was amazing and it was lovely to sit and eat with the group. The host Livia was wonderful, very caring and couldn’t have done more to make it a lovely holiday. Enjoyed the trips out - Claire (27/05/2018)
Favourite part of holiday: Meeting our tutor and other guests and painting outdoors. Another highlight was our visit to San Gimignano and the lovely restaurant with an outstanding view in the evening.Our very own Chef was a delight. - Joan (27/05/2018)
Carol (27/05/2018)
The wine tasting trip was by far the highlight of the holiday. The winery laid on a sumptuous lunch of breads cheeses and meats to go along with all the wines. The lady doing the tour was so enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly. - Helen (27/05/2018)
Having Livia is the host made this holiday extra special! - Frances (27/05/2018)
The quiet encouragement from Hugh on drawing and painting gave me confidence to just enjoy and have fun! A great way to get back to or start the creative process. A fabulous week! - Corinne (27/05/2018)
Barbara (27/05/2018)
Guest Reviews