The benefits of taking an Italian language course

The benefits of an Italian language course

To the English ear, there are few foreign phrases that sound more beautiful than those in Italian. While many European languages roll effortlessly off the tongue, there’s something rather special about Italian – it’s glamorous, romantic and full of feeling. That’s probably why so many Italian expressions are known universally, from Mamma Mia to La Dolce Vita, it seems the world has adopted a snippet of the Italian’s passion for life.

And so, wouldn’t it be fabulous to get a better grasp on this utterly gorgeous language? For those who already have a love for the cuisine, scenery and way of life, taking an Italian language course is a way to better immerse themselves in the culture of this country.

As avid Italophiles, we have loved soaking up the Italian language both using our online courses and, better yet, travelling to the likes of Amalfi, Puglia and Tuscany, to learn first-hand from an Italian tutor alongside eating freshly-cooking authentic food and exploring local towns. Surely there’s no better way to become acquainted with the Italian language, than by enjoying the best of the lifestyle? You can find out more about our Italian language holidays in Italy by getting in touch with us.

Not that we think you need any more convincing, but here are some of the benefits of taking an Italian language course, especially in its native country.

Get outside your comfort zone

A group of people learning Italian by reading Italian signs
Learning a new language is all about reaching outside of the norm. When you can no longer understand everything around you, your world is turned upside down and suddenly, something as simple as going to the supermarket or reading a sign can feel like a challenge. While this can be scary, it forces your brain to problem solve which improves strategic thinking, memory function, confidence and proves to you that you can do something out of your comfort zone. Even without learning a word of Italian, trying something new in a new place does lots of good for your brain and self-belief.

Improve your people skills

A group of people learning Italian together in Italy
The best way to put your memory and pronunciation to the test while grasping basic phrases in a new language is to have a go chatting with locals. The beauty of our Italian language courses abroad is that outside of your lessons at the villa, we journey to nearby towns on excursions, giving you plenty of opportunity to converse with Italians. While the hope is to be understood with your newly-learned prose, the beginnings of communicating also come down to gesturing, patience, smiling and making yourself vulnerable with new people. It feels scary at first, but the more you do it, the more you are able to practise getting comfortable with new people.

An Italian language course will get you excited for your next holiday

Travel to Italy and get excited to speak to locals
If you love Italy like we do, you’ll have no doubt dreamed of the regions you’d like to visit. With so much to see, we could happily plan an Italian holiday every year. So, imagine how improved your next trip would be if you could experience Italy like a local? The ability to understand menus, street signs and goings on, as well as have conversations with locals, will completely change the experience and no doubt have you asking why you never thought to learn Italian before. Our Italian language classes cover lots of helpful phrases and conversations for travelling and we help you put them to the test too, so by the time your next holiday comes up it will feel as though your eyes have been opened a little wider to the beauty of Italy.

Give yourself a marketable skill

Learn new skills whilst learning from an Italian language course
As much as it is a personal joy, learning a language is also an impressive skill which ups your employability and potential opportunities. Many of our guests already have long-established careers or are enjoying retirement but even so, language skills might open you up to interesting part time work, new hobbies, teaching others or could inspire you to connect with Italian people living in your area.

Become exposed to more music, literature and film

A group of street performers in Italy with live music
We all know that Italy is rich in culture but usually we get our kicks by visiting art galleries, seeing architecture and enjoying restaurants while spending time there. But, learning the Italian language unlocks an entirely new facet of this country’s creative works. Full of drama, beauty and iconic stars, Italian cinema hits much harder without the sub titles. Enjoy the likes of La Grande Bellezza about a 65-year-old socialite who loves the Roman party scene a little too much, Malèna which sees Monica Bellucci play a shy but coveted school teacher and classics such as La vita è Bella and La Dolce Vita, all of which will help you practise your skills, too.

Develop deeper empathy

A group of travellers appreciating Italy's culture
Learning a new language is about more than memorising phrases, it’s about connecting to an alien culture with empathy, understanding, patience and compassion. Every culture is different and learning about the unique attitudes, customs and etiquettes of a foreign place takes an open mind, which is beneficial outside of the classroom, too. The more our brains are confronted with new ideas, the more we grow and become open to meeting people, visiting places or taking on projects we might not have done before.

An Italian language course can reduce the risk of dementia

A group of ladies reading Italian off of a piece of paper
It’s well known that mind games and memory tests can help strengthen the elastic, as it were, of our brains and help fend off or slow down brain diseases. Neurology explains that “Learning a second language is brilliant for this as it engages our brains in so many different areas such as boosting problem solving and increasing focus and concentration. Research has shown that those who learn a second language tend to have lower rates of dementia, Alzheimer’s and memory issues later in life, or show signs up to five years later than those who haven’t due to a greater amount of grey matter in their brains.” you can find out more about this topic from Neurology.

Find it easier to learn more languages

A group of Italians having a conversation together
Every language is part of a wider group, linking it to nearby countries or other similar sounding languages that were developed in the same way. English speakers therefore will recognise similarities between their native tongue and German and Dutch, which are also West Germanic languages. Once you have mastered Italian, though, you will understand the sounds, structure and even some exact wording of other similarly formed languages. As Italian is part of the Romance language group, it is connected to French, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese, which are also rooted in Latin. By learning one, you open the door to start learning more!
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  1. I have learned a few languages. Dutch, German, French and also English, as I lived in Holland, that was all many years ago and was hey fairly simple,,,but Italian is proving a major trial, is that perhaps my age? I’m in my mid fifties,has anyone else found the same?? I have a Flavours holiday to Tuscany next month…I guess I won’t be fluent by then…devo farlo!…I’ve got that

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