Pilates benefits – what 30 minutes of Pilates can do for your body

It’s that time of the year again when we think that it’s time to kick off our fitness related New Year’s resolutions. But if we start thinking of endless hours to spend at the gym, what is the likelihood we will actually stick to this new regimen?

The reality is that we need commitment but what matters the most in order to reach our goals is finding a simple workout which we can fit in our busy daily schedule.


Let’s take a look at Pilates – what benefits can our favourite form of exercise offer if practised daily only for 30 minutes? We caught up with our Pilates instructors and here’s their top 10 tips:

Pilates benefits if practised daily for 30 minutes

Activate your core muscles – it will prevent and relief back pain in the long term

Improve your flexibility and joint mobility – pilates will eventually lead to a more efficient and balanced body


Strengthen your muscles, using only your body weight – without putting pressure on your knees and joints

Lose weight – increase your metabolism rate and help burn calories faster

Balance body & mind – makes you more aware of your body and what you can achieve

Reduce stress – stretching your body will help metabolise the stress hormones that are build on your body

Pilates Holidays in Italy

Pilates Holidays in Italy

Mindfulness – practising Pilates will help you train yourself in becoming more physically and emotionally present. You can see more about mindfulness here

Stamina – your body will become stronger and your overall endurance will improve

Energy – your energy levels will increase and you will stop getting tired easily

The Pilates benefits we mentioned are only some of the amazing ways Pilates can help you if practised regularly.